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Gender VS. Sex

Updated on April 11, 2013

The difference between gender and sex is that sex refers to what you are physically and biologically. A person’s gender refers to the personality traits and characteristics that individuals have and the way society perceives them.

I feel that my parents raised my sister in a unique environment where she was allowed to be a tomboy to the fullest extent. She was not the typical girl growing up. She would get muddy, play sports and play with snakes. Although my parents saw nothing wrong with this, my mother’s family thought they were wrong for not making her dress up in pretty pink dresses and play with dolls growing up. That shows that my mother’s family thought my parents were not teaching my sister to be the right gender. There was never a point in her life where she didn’t like doing both stereotypical boy and girl activities. She is grateful to have had a well-rounded upbringing because now she find that she is handy around the house, athletic and still able to dress up nicely for things when needed!


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