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Updated on September 27, 2014

CNN Reported:

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law Wednesday that has critics howling and proponents applauding. House Bill 60, or the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014.

It was reported: "Among its many extreme provisions, it allows guns in TSA lines at the country's busiest airport."

NRA-ILA proudly announced the new legislation, stating:

This Wednesday, April 23, Governor Nathan Deal (R) will sign House Bill 60 into law, the most comprehensive pro-gun bill in state history. Once signed into law, HB 60 will take effect on July 1, 2014.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law a bill that expanding gun rights in the state of Georgia, allowing weapons in government buildings, bars, places of worship, and school zones under certain circumstances.

House Bill 60 allows school district to decide if authorized personnel will be allowed to carry weapons within school safety zones under certain circumstances. Weapons in government buildings, bars, places of worship, and school zones could be allowed under certain circumstances and pending the approval of individual business owners/religious leaders. Church leaders will be able to decide whether to allow licensed gun owners to bring weapons into their place of worship. The law also removes fingerprinting requirements for renewal licenses. Military personal 18 years of age or older will be allowed to bear arms. (Not sure if PTSD was taken into consideration when lowering the age of those in the military bearing arms.) Silencers can also be used when hunting as part of this law.

People who opposed the bill:

Testifying against the bill, Lucia McBath- mother of Jordan Davis, and Dr. Christine King-Farris, the sister of Martin Luther King Jr., who's mother was shot to death at the organ of Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1974.

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence reported:Georgia Gun Laws rated F.

In 2010, Georgia had the 17th highest number of gun deaths per capita among the states. Based on data published by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Georgia had the 10th highest rate of crime gun exports among the states–meaning that crime guns sold originally in Georgia were recovered after being used in crimes in other states at the 10th highest rate among the states.


What will be the effects of this law going into effect in a state where voters laws are compromised, hate-crimes are on the rise, and homicides are on the rise? Guns without conflict management or anger management classes to those who apply for permits have never been required?

Turn on the news and you can hear stories of a man who showed up to a little league game (gun on his hip) and the fear of 6 years old realizing someone could shoot them on site. The police respond to the scene and advise the man is within his rights to carry/brandish his gun and there is nothing they could do. Imagine grocery shopping (as a minority) with someone brandishing a gun attempting to intimidate you. Imagine people drinking at a bar or club late night, impaired judgement present, and someone is carrying a gun on their hip. Would a potential misunderstanding turn into someone's need to play dirty harry like Clint Eastwood? Road rage is a problem in Atlanta, GA - laws such as these will escalate the situation. At the TSA line, a gun should not be present. At a time when we, as a nation, are under attack should we escalate disturbing situations? Defending yourself is one concept, however where does one understand the stage being set for anarchy?

The city violent crime rate for Atlanta in 2010 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 165.49% and the city property crime rate in Atlanta was higher than the national property crime rate average by 95.16%.

What are your thoughts?

This is not a question directed to your right to protect yourself but what is the public's right to safety for themselves and their families. No other location in the country pushes for laws such as these to go in effect.

What sense does it make to carry a gun in a bar if you have a permit unless forbidden by the owner? What sense does it make to carry a gun, with permit, inside of a church unless forbidden? Protecting yourself is one thing, having the ability to be mentally unstable or under the influence of alcohol, with a gun within their reach, prepared to take life is another matter.


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