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Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

Updated on August 21, 2014

Make a lasting difference to children in Ghana

Many schools in Ghana are currently struggling with overcrowded classes and a lack of skilled teachers.

As a volunteer you will help to empower girls and boys by giving them the skills they need for the future and to make their voice heard.

The Global Volunteer Network has volunteer teaching opportunities in local schools throughout Ghana, teaching a variety of subjects through our partner organization. Volunteers will have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in Ghananian communities through education while experiencing African culture and life.

The Program

The volunteer teaching opportunities are available in Primary and Secondary schools all over Ghana. However we can arrange for you to teach in a pre-school if that is your preference.

Pre-School (4 and 5 year olds)

Language and Literacy

Environmental studies

Creative activities (Music, dance and art)

Physical development

Psychosocial skills

Primary (6-11 years)



Integrated Science

Environmental Studies

Basic computer skills

Junior Secondary (12-14 years)



Integrated Science

We need you!

Our partner is a non-profit NGO whose main goal is to look for short or long term volunteer-teachers, books, tools and equipment from around the world for Ghanaian schools. They call it 'Educational Empowerment' and in doing so they believe Ghanaians can learn a lot from volunteers from other countries. They are also aware that volunteers can learn a lot from Ghanaians while they are there.

Volunteers are able to take sole charge of the classes you will be teaching, however, you may also be working alongside a local teacher. Volunteers typically teach 2-5 hours per day, depending on the needs of the school, five days per week (Monday through Friday). After school hours it is up to volunteer plan the remainder of the day.

Any time that you are not expected to be at school you are free to do as you please. The locals are very friendly. You may want to spend some time in Ghana after volunteering to see more of the country. You can survive on as little as $20 (U.S) a day in Ghana. You can also spend much more if you want a bit of luxury.

Video - So You Want to Volunteer Abroad? - We are here to help!

GVN serves you to arrange an affordable volunteer opportunity with peace of mind, finanical security, and is a great way for you to contribute to the global community, gain experience, and also fosters personal growth.

Our vision is to support the work of local community organizations in developing countries through the placement of international volunteers. We believe that local communities are in the best position to determine their needs, and we provide volunteers to help them achieve their goals.

When Can I Volunteer?

Start dates for placements are ongoing and flexible. Volunteers can stay from a period of four weeks to six months. Your stay can be extended beyond six months on a case by case basis (depending upon the school's requirement).

Service Periods For Volunteer-Teachers: Due to the school calendar in Ghana, we can place volunteers during the following periods in the year:

(a) 10th January to 24th March

(b) 10th May to 24th July

(c) 10th September to 9th December

Note: These dates vary slightly from year to year. They also vary from school to school and should be treated as approximate rather than confirmed dates.

Ghana Photo Gallery

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Map of Ghana

Map of Ghana
Map of Ghana

The GVN Story

Apply to the Ghana Teaching program

To see details on the Ghana Teaching program and to apply online please visit us here.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the global community and gain experience.

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