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Gift Of Blood Is The Gift Of Life : One Moment Of Discomfort Followed By A lifetime of pride!

Updated on June 15, 2015

Almighty’s Precious Gift : Celebrate and Cherish Life!

How beautiful is this world around us? The blue skies, fresh green grass, sceptic mountains and fabulous valleys... but that’s not all, life has in its vicinity indeterminate happiness and bliss residing within. Undoubtedly, the most precious thing in this world is life and it is something that once lost cannot be obtained. Loss of life is a tragedy and it is one truth that we humans find hard to deal with.

The irony of life is such that no matter who stands in the path of death has to face the ultimatum. Medical science has reached the pinnacle of advancement and due to this the average expectancy of human beings has seen a significant rise. However, it is quite important that human beings co-exist with compassion in this society in order to sustain and survive.

The Fuel Which Powers Human body : Blood and its Vitality!

The human body is the most complex designed machine and for it to function properly the essential vitamins and minerals need to reach their designated location promptly. Yes, the blood is the most vital fluid present in the human body. This compound colloidal substance is composure of various individual fluids, water and minerals like iron, manganese and sodium.

Computer Artwork Of Human Circulatory System And Red Blood Cells
Computer Artwork Of Human Circulatory System And Red Blood Cells | Source

The Functionality Of Blood

In short, every nutritive component consumed by us undergoes assimilation in the digestive tract and gets mixed with blood. Hence, blood carries energy and vitamin supplement to each and every cell of the human body. When human beings breathe, it’s the responsibility of the blood to transport oxygen to each and every nook and corner of the body. Blood is like the index of the human body because of its primary importance and high contribution in order to keep the system functioning. Now you wonder so as to why doctors suggest a blood test as the first step towards diagnosing any disease?

Blood Constituents & Their Functions
Blood Constituents & Their Functions | Source

Infamous Myths Engulfing Blood Donation

  • People who are fat have more blood while compared to people who are thin; this is the most ridiculous statement that often deters many youngsters from donating blood. It is absolutely true that everybody has a stipulated amount of blood in the body however blood banks do not let too underweight volunteers donate blood. So don’t let your physique stop you from performing this noble deed.
  • How many of us have been to a clinic and taken an injection? Yes it’s the same prick and a little extra feel of the needle being tipped inside which can be felt while donating. Definitely not to worry it doesn’t pain.
  • Majority of the people believe blood donation is like opening arms to HIV. This misconception does not exist at all for a new needle is used for every individual.
  • Alcoholics and smokers can donate blood but with certain conditions fulfilled. Seventy two hours gap must exist post consumption of alcohol and at least 24 hours post smoking in order for an individual to donate blood.
  • Few individuals who possess a rare blood group say O - refrain from donating blood fearing its dearth in their system. Needless to worry the rate at which blood replenishes itself remains same for everybody.
  • Apart from that people with a very low haemoglobin count are also generally not allowed to donate.

Why Donate Something That Belongs To You?

Lot of people run away from performing this essential social service mainly because of two factors, one being the false myths which are fed into our heads and second being our careless attitude. Our roads nowadays are accident prone to another level and several people are admitted in hospitals owing to various diseases. For most of the patients the most mandatory requirement before any treatment can commence is the requirement of blood.

Will you donate blood if you are contacted in case of any emergency?

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Medical science has advanced beyond imagination, nobody living in the previous era or say a few decades behind memory lane could have imagined these fantabulous advancements. Various actors and celebrities have also now stepped out endorsing this pious deed and create awareness among citizens. Being a good citizen it’s our top notch priority to help fellow inmates and human beings.

The ultimate feeling of being responsible for somebody’s wellbeing is something which not any act of charity can render. Yes blood donation saves lives of people who are in need. We watch movies and see the lead hero fight ruffians and goons. We also wish to be something like that in reality isn’t it? People who donate blood on regular basis are indeed the real national heroes because if not for them there would be a lot of loss of life.

Health Benefits Followed Post Donation : A Return Gift Awaits You!

It is undoubtedly true that every donor is a life saver and there cannot be anything more which can substitute this beautiful feeling. The circle of life is designed in such a way that karma reciprocates and returns back to the beholder be it good or bad.

Should regular donors be given special recognition and privileges?

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Subsequent studies have revealed that donating blood reduces the risk of heart diseases, most primarily the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular risks are reduced for regular donors. There exists excessive iron in blood at times and after donating blood 225mg of it is removed thereby eliminating chances of heart diseases from affecting the donor.

Health Benefits Blood Donation
Health Benefits Blood Donation | Source

June 14th 2015, was the world blood donation day! This big event witnessed humanity practiced beyond race, caste, religion and belief. It was an occasion when every responsible individual stepped out for the cause of saving mankind! The theme of the slogan of this year’s campaign aptly said how noble a deed it was... “Thank You For Saving My Life”

Haven’t donated blood as yet? How about making today your first time? Donate blood for it feels good from within to save somebody’s life. There is a lot of truth in the motivation slogan that touches the heart of the people and encourages people all over the world.. “Give freely, Give often ..Blood Donation Matters”

Give freely, Give often ...Blood Donation Matters
Give freely, Give often ...Blood Donation Matters | Source

Do you feel blood donation should be made compulsory at least once for every citizen?

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    • readerssquare profile imageAUTHOR

      Readers Square 

      3 years ago from Punjab, India

      Thanks for sharing your feedback Tanisha.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      A very interesting article which gives a very detailed info on the myths people have surrounding the idea of blood donation...Good Job!


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