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Gifts For Marine Moms

Updated on May 29, 2014

Buying Gifts for Mothers of Marines is Easy

I am the Mother of two Marines and like all good Marine Moms we are a very proud bunch of women. We brag about our sons and daughters to whomever will listen and we rock USMC swag on our cars, and in our homes. We wear military branded clothing and support our troops in our hearts and minds.

Buy gifts for women is pretty easy anyways, Marine Mommas are VERY easy to buy for on Christmas, birthdays and Mothers Day. All you have to do is find something with the Eagle, Globe and Seal, a Marine logo or seal and she's pretty happy.

As soon as my son told me he wanted to enter the Marine Corps I wanted to put a bumper sticker on my car, but I was told I had to wait until he graduated. It is almost a requirement that a Marine Mom has a Marine pride shirt during family Day during graduation.

The best gift of all is having your Marine come home during leave, spending time with you and telling you about his job and sharing his life.

The Ultimate Gift Set for a Marine Mom

Proud Marine Mom Gift Set
Proud Marine Mom Gift Set

The ultimate gift for a new Mother of a Marine. Start her journey off right with this ultimate gift set designed especially for proud Marine Moms.

Make sure to get this gift set before she heads off to their boot camp graduation and she will be totally prepared with her water cup, stickers and tote bag to carry her marine swag around base. Better yet she can carry her food in her new tote bag for her Marine to eat on family day and after graduation.

Buy this Shirt on CafePress
Buy this Shirt on CafePress

One Proud Marine Mom

I'm a Proud Mother of a Marine

Sometimes I embarrass my sons, sometimes I make them proud. But I will never stop loving them and bragging about them and the things they do, heck that's a Mom's job. I couldn't be more proud and grateful to the United States Marine Corps. They have instilled a sense of responsibility in my sons.

It's hard to explain, but the Marines demand more of their recruits during boot camp, there is a clear expectation of duty, when you are given a task you do it, and you can count on that others around you are doing their job as well. There is a clear reward and recognition system. If you go above and beyond you are rewarded. It's a motivating system that recognizes and rewards outstanding behavior.

I've been called a MOTO Mom (meaning motivated) and bordering on MOTARD (meaning bordering on obnoxiously motivated) and recently they stated I could only have two Marine Corps stickers on car at any time. I do have a CafePress store where I design clothing and gifts for USMC parents and family members.

Here is one of my favorite, and best selling shirts.

Marine Corps Jewelry for Mom

I don't wear a lot of jewelry at one time, but I do like a variety and have my favorite pieces. Necklaces are ones that I'll put on and wear for several days in a row.

If you're buying a gift for a Mother of a Marine your job is pretty easy, get her anything with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and she will be happy. Mom's are pretty easy to shop for anyway but a Marine Mom is even easier.

Finejewelers 14k Yellow Gold Small Polished Marine Corps Emblem Pendant Necklace Chain Included
Finejewelers 14k Yellow Gold Small Polished Marine Corps Emblem Pendant Necklace Chain Included

A good friend in town has worn this necklace every day until her son came home from Okinawa.

Marine Mom Dog Tag Necklace
Marine Mom Dog Tag Necklace

Marine Mom dog tag necklace with the Bible quote from I Corinthians 13:7-8

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never Fails.

As a Mother of two Marines I often have to keep my hope and endure the uncertainty and forever keep my boys in my heart.


Marine Moms Wear RED on Friday - To Remember Everyone Deployed

There is a national movement to wear R.E.D. on Friday to Remember Everyone Deployed. The war may be officially over, but not everyone is home yet. By wearing a RED Friday shirt it reminds others that our military troops are still in harms way.

I designed this shirt on CafePress about a year ago and it has become so popular that it is now listed 4th on Amazon when you search for "Marine Mom"

CafePress - Marine Mom Red Friday T-Shirt - Womens Cotton T-Shirt
CafePress - Marine Mom Red Friday T-Shirt - Womens Cotton T-Shirt

This is my #1 selling USMC shirt and when I started designing USMC apparel I had no idea where it would take me.

I don't make much, not even double digit commission, but this year I might save enough to go visit my Marine where he's stationed on the east coast.

Purchase a Marine Mom Challenge Coin
Purchase a Marine Mom Challenge Coin

Marine Mom Challenge Coin

Challenge Coins were traditionally given to Marines by higher ranking NCOs and officers as recognition for outstanding service and a job well done. It's a sign of respect to receive a challenge coin from another Marine.

Challenge Coins can also be purchased to commemorate various steps in a Marine career, such as your MCRD graduation platoon, or a deployment station. Many Marines collect coins as keepsakes.

My son gave me this Marine Mom Challenge coin for Mothers Day, and yes, it brought a tear to my eye.

Challenge Coin-Proud Marine Mom - $11.99
from: ArmyNavyShop

Marine Corps Purses, Totes and Bags

I will carry bags and totes with me during the summer months more than in the winter. Mainly because I'm traveling to more places, spend time outside and like to take like with me rather than leave it by the couch.

USMC Women's Quilted Fabric Tote Bag: I Love My Marine by The Bradford Exchange
USMC Women's Quilted Fabric Tote Bag: I Love My Marine by The Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange has great US Marine Corps designs and I do love this tote bag. Books, and extra jackets, and of course my camera can all fit in here and stay in my car ready to take out for lunch at the park.


Photos of My Marines

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Marine Corps Blankets - A Marine Mom can wrap herself up in warmth...

During the winter I am a blanket person. I get chilled easily and have a blanket on the back of every couch and chair in the house. Yes, it drives people crazy. The air conditioner gives me chills during the summer and I'll throw a blanket over my legs.

Marine Corps Queen Size Blanket
Marine Corps Queen Size Blanket

I originally bought this for my youngest Marine son at Christmas. He was nice about it and said I could keep it here for him when he got out.

I normally keep it on the spare bed, where the boys sleep when they come home for leave. But they won't sleep under it, so it's now on a couch. It's really heavy, so it's for winter only, but nice and soft to lay on top of during the summer.

Marine Blanket - Black - USMC Blankets - Marine Fleece Blanket - Marine Bedding - USMC Bedding
Marine Blanket - Black - USMC Blankets - Marine Fleece Blanket - Marine Bedding - USMC Bedding

This fleece blanket is better for summer months and the black background matches more decor than the "Marine RED" above.


Are You a Marine Mom?

How many Marines do you have in your family?

See results

I love to hear from my readers, especially if you are a MoM or a Mother of a Marine. Tell me what the best USMC gift you ever received was and the story behind the gift.

Leave me a note, let me know you were here! - I would love to hear from you...

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    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

      I congratulate you and your sons for your service and protecting all of us.