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Nature Gifts

Updated on October 2, 2014

Giving Gifts of Nature

Why give gifts from nature? Let me tell you a little story:

A silent wood, stoic and cold, met a new path cutting through its forest.

The path asked, ever so humbly, "May I make my way through here? I promise to be gentle, and to keep you unbroken."

The wood stood, and said nothing.

So the path continued on its way, slowly, gently, winding from one tree and around the next, taking special care to disturb as little as possible, yet clear enough so those who followed would not get lost in the cold and lonely wood.

The wood stood, and said nothing.

When the path had made it all the way through, it stopped and said "thank you, old wood. You are kind"

And the wood stood, and bowed, and said nothing.

Soon there were people on the path - People with many stories. The wood listened, and heard them all. Many of these stories were exciting and daring, but many, too, were sad. Once a little boy climbed the wood's smaller tree and sat for a while. The wood liked that. This new path was not bad for the wood. In fact, it was quite good. You see, the people make the wood not so cold, and not so lonely anymore.

The wood stood, and I think I saw it smiling.

kkay 2010


The merging of man and nature is sometimes a beautiful thing!

Sharing gifts from nature is the perfect way to express love: both for the earth and for those you love.

Photo: Five Fingers by Karen Kay

For the Love of the Earth

PBS Nature Series - Full DVD Set

The Set includes more than 600 hours on 6 discs of video from the popular series by Public Broadcasting. The set includes wildlife stories and scenery from Europe, Africa, Alaska, Penguins, Wild Hawaii, Cuba, The Andes, Death Valley.

Recommended for children and adults of all ages.

Nature: The World of Nature Set
Nature: The World of Nature Set

Your nature loving friend or family member will have hours of quality entertainment with these DVD's. They are a great alternative to when nothing is on cable. Kids love them, yet they are educational too.


Minerals on Display!

Minerals on Display!
Minerals on Display!
Nature Box
Nature Box

I love boxes!

Put a fun little treasure in each one!

To the right: Olive Oil Lady created this gift box "using the bounty of fall's dried flowers and fruits, raffia and some recycled papers embedded with pressed herbs"

Below: Bamboo baskets, woven by hand in Bali.

I love that we can take something as common and ordinary (and easilty replinishable) as Bamboo and create a lovely item such as this!

Artisan Wayan Genep of Bali hand weaves this set of three bamboo baskets. He paints them with lavish floral motifs on black. The set nests together when not in use.

An artisan story card will be included with your purchase.

Wayan Genep

"My greatest desire was to become an artist, and so people in my village helped me learn the art of carving, and I learned fast! I was born in a village on the Island of Bali. I am the only child in a family of farmers."

Glass Beads by Gabe
Glass Beads by Gabe

Firey Handblown Glass Piece!

Glass is not exactly "nature" but a nice handblown piece can really accentuate your natural environment... This glass and stone combination is a great example.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Murano handblown vase, 'Rainbow Volcano'

A fascinating illusion, this vase captures the very last minute of daytime - just before night arrives. Bright red and orange converge into the last sunray under a sapphire sky. Artisans craft this piece with ancestral blown glass techniques, resulting in an original masterpiece. The presence of air bubbles accentuates the nature of the traditional hand blown crafting process, making each piece unique.

Murano handblown vase, 'Rainbow Volcano


Gifts of the Monarch - Celebrate their incredible lifetime journey from Mexico to Canada and back!

Monarch butterflies fill this vase with the gift of natural beauty. They are painted by hand and accentuated with 22k gold leaf applications on a copper vase by Olimpia and Pepe. They are inspired by the yearly visit of monarch butterflies making their long migration from Canada to Mexico, where they spend the winter in the oyamel (fir) forests of Michoac�n. Hundreds of thousands cluster on every branch, filling the silent forest with the whisper of wings.

Copper and gold leaf vase, 'Gifts of the Monarch Butterfly'

Feathers for Jewelry!

Feathers for Jewelry!
Feathers for Jewelry!

Display doll, 'Princely Frog' - A beautiful and fun whimsical piece handcrafted from nature

Panamanian Golden Frog
Panamanian Golden Frog

I love this little guy!

The perfect gift for the nature lover on your list who has everything!

Display doll, 'Princely Frog'

With bright yellow eyes and an engaging grin, a cheerful Balinese frog can take many poses. Gusti Ngurah Semarajaya sculpts the head, hands and feet of crocodile wood, adding intricate details with colorful acrylic paints. Original and whimsical, the doll is dressed in cotton ikat cloth. The word means "to knot" in the Malaysian language, and the threads are dyed in random patterns before weaving. The doll can be posed in a variety of positions; it can be displayed alone or on a base.

An artisan story card will be included with your purchase.

Planting a Tree
Planting a Tree

Give the gift of a tree - The perfect Nature Gift

Some people already have everything they need. But the earth always needs more trees! So have a tree planted in someone's name. What a lovely gesture for those on your list who really don't need another scarf or tie....

Painting Rocks - A Practice as old as the Stone Age!

Painting Rocks - A Practice as old as the Stone Age!
Painting Rocks - A Practice as old as the Stone Age!

Comments? - Happy holidays!

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    • kimbesa2 profile image

      kimbesa 6 years ago from USA

      Beautiful stuff...thanks!

    • DreamingBoomer profile image

      Karen Kay 6 years ago from Jackson, MS

      @anonymous: Happy to share it Marie! It's lovely! Thanks for stopping by!

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for featuring my little gift box!