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Girl Scouts Fall Event

Updated on February 2, 2012

Starting a New Troop Year!

The new Girl Scout year starts on October 1st. Our Service Unit (a group of about 75 troops) held a Fall event this year to celebrate/kick-off the new year.

I have included a couple of craft & game ideas - I hope they will inspire you!

New Troop Year Kick-Off Event

Our event is open to all troops that have registered their troops with early bird membership registration or "on-time" membership registration. Our service team wanted to encourage and reward those troops that have completed their troop membership registrations!

The 1/2 day event will be filled with crafts, games, songs & end with a campfire (and of course s'mores!). I will list some of the ideas we have had for the event. Hopefully you can use some of the ideas for your event!


When we were looking for craft ideas we had a couple of criteria that we wanted to follow.

1. It needed to be able to completed in under 20 minutes (or girls could finish it easily at home).

2. The materials should be cheap, free, or recycled!

We kept the troops together by age levels. We also wanted to have crafts for older girls that they would find challenging and fun!

  • Butterfly hands - Daisies, Brownies, Juniors. Girls draw around their closed hand 4 times. An oval is cut out. The girls cut out their hands & glue them to the oval. Decorate!
  • Fun Foam Ladybug - Daisies, Brownies, Junior.
  • Friendship bracelets - Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes. These can be simple twists or knots or use a cardboard circle to make them a little more complicated.
  • Bookbinding Cadette, Senior, Ambassador. These are small (3 x 3) booklets the girls create using card stock & copy paper. The girls bind the pages together with color string, floss, or embroidery thread.
  • Tissue flowers -All. Use small pieces of tissue paper. The edges can be cut to make them look like carnations or roses.
  • Pine cone - All. Collect pine cones on site. Turn them into bird feeders using lard (to avoid peanut allergies) & bird seed. Or turn them into holiday decorations with glue & glitter!
  • Plastic Shaker - All. Use recycled water bottles, spray paint them and fill with rice, beans or sand. Decorate the bottles with small foam stickers. Shake to create sound! This one is SUPER quick. You can use the rest of the time to create music!
  • Water bottle holder - All. Use an old tube sock, add ribbon to create a water bottle holder.


Games are a great way to combine levels of girls. It will be fun to watch a relay race between Ambassadors & Daisies!

  • Parachute Games - what's more fun than a parachute!
  • Circle Games - ice breaker, get to know you games. One game is done with a hula hoop. The girls join hands and form a circle, the hula hoop goes onto two girls arms. The hula hoop is then "passed" around the circle (over bodies).
  • Team-building games - There are a lot of different games that can help the girls with their team skills. Buddy walkers are a great team builder. Buddy walkers are two boards (8' x 4" x 4") with 4 ropes attached. In teams of 4 girls, the teams work together to move their walkers forward.
  • Juliette Low Wide Game - This one gives very cool details about Juliette's life while taking a hike through the woods. The girls at each stop will have a short activity to do.
  • Relay Games - Use a sleeping bag to pass it from the front to the back of the team - but the bag must go over one person's head and then under the next one's legs.
  • Whole Group Games - Taxi Cab, a kind of modified Musical Chairs but no one is "out".


We are not able to hold our event at a campsite, but we still want to have a campfire. We have a couple of options that we are looking into: a fire pit from someones house or renting one or maybe a fake campfire.

We are not going to have traditional s'mores - too costly and the focus would be on roasting marshmallows and not on singing songs! We will have a s'more in a bag (teddy graham crackers, mini chocolate chips, & mini marshmallows).


We will ask each troop to lead/teach a song to the group. They can pick one of their favorites to share with the group. The leaders will be asked to bring a copy of the words so that everyone in the service unit will also have a copy. We will also be putting the words onto our service unit webstie.

The list below is the list of songs that we feel the girls should have some knowledge of. These are some of the more "traditional" Girl Scout songs.

  1. Girl Scout Rap - get one troop to lead/perform this one!
  2. Make New Friends - a classic
  3. Thunderation
  4. On My Honor - should almost be a prerequisite for being a Girl Scout!
  5. Boom-Chicka-Boom - fun for everyone!
  6. When 'Ere You Make a Promise - another classic that I can't get enough of!
  7. Girl Scouts Together
  8. Brownie Smile Song - timeless!
  9. Daisy Song - there are a couple of versions of this one!
  10. Grace - God Our Father - it's important to teach the girls a grace to sing before meals. There are also a lot of graces that are non-demoninational.
  11. Day is Done/Taps - with hand motions - the best!


Vote for your favorite Girl Scout song!

What is your favorite Girl Scout song?

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The Golden Eaglet - The beginning of Girl Scouting

The Golden Eaglet gives a glimpse into the past of Girl Scouts!

Do you have any ideas on a kick-off event for your troop?

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    • lemonsqueezy lm profile image

      lemonsqueezy lm 6 years ago

      Well done! You know I always love a good Girl Scout lens.

      We had an end-of-year smores party one year. We roasted marshmallows and made smores. I printed out and laminated bookmark "awards" for each girl: perfect smore, messiest smore, most burnt marshmallow, and so on. I had enough awards for each girl in the troop to get one. We made towers from marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. I think we played some other marshmallow-related game. Everyone had lots of fun.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Was never a Girl Scout. In Britain they had Girl Guides. I was never a Girl Guide either, although a Brownie. I joined the Girls Life Brigade. Thanks for the lens.