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Stylish Goth Boots | Gothic Footwear

Updated on March 29, 2015

Goth Boots From Ancient Times to Modern Culture

Goth boots along with tattoos, Gothic jewelry, punk hairdos, elaborate make up and black nail polish are part of the Goth look. This dark fashion started to become popular again in the American culture in the mid 1980's with a rather limited audience at the time.

The term Goth originates from Germanic tribes of the Middle Ages. Historically, the folks back then wore extravagant costumes of intricately woven fabrics and embossed designs to create a commanding and threatening appearance to intimidate their enemies and outsiders.

Riding on his horse, the Gothic warrior donned heavy platform boots made from leather and fur which were often decorated with metals, jewelry, and precious stones. You can see modern Gothic boots today closely resemble those of ancient times.

Goth boots were made popular in 2002 by Marilyn Manson with his album "Aint." A lot of attention was given to Gothic boots after the release of the video "This is the new hit." Guys and girls couldn't wait to get their hands on those thigh-high platform boots with silver buckles rising on the front. It again became acceptable for guys to wear shiny platform shoes. It was like a time of rebirth for Gothic footwear.

Typical Goth Boots

When talking about Gothic footwear, there actually is a lack of clear-cut definition. Although black is the most popular color, Goth boots come in a variety of colors and heel widths. The heel though, is pretty much a must. A Gothic boot lover will tell you that they like nothing other than thigh-high platform PVC and vinyl boots. They own at least one pair of this type of Gothic footwear.

Ideally, these Goth boots should be shiny and equipped with zippers or buckles. If you're a Goth most likely black is your favorite color since there is nothing darker than that. Besides, black goes with just about anything. So if you want the hard-core original Gothic look, get a pair of black PVC boots.

Other Gothic Footwear

As previously stated, Goth footwear comes in a variety of colors but the heels are almost always present although there are even exceptions to that as you will see below. You like pink, red, or white? No problem. Goth boots and other footwear also come in those colors. As they say, as long as they're shiny, you're fine :)

More Gothic Footwear - Gothic flip flops sandals

Although the main article on this page is about Goth boots, as a flip flop lover I would be remiss if I didn't include some Gothic flip flops/sandals as well :)

What type of Gothic footwear do you like?

What is your favorite Goth footwear?

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    • profile image

      love4rocks 6 years ago

      Love the thigh-high boots.

    • Hairdresser007 profile image

      James Jordan 8 years ago from Burbank, CA

      I love Fluevogs!