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Vote For or Against Obamacare

Updated on November 7, 2012

A Generalized Fact Sheet for Obamacare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is most often referred to as Obamacare.

This is a Summary Page. It has two goals. Foremost is to have a set of unbiased facts - what actually happened and what didn't with the PPACA - so you don't have to get wrapped up in hyperbole. To support this objective, a list of chronologies, quotes pertaining to the issue, and statistics will be provided. If they can be linked into an argument, that's up to you.

The second goal is to hear your opinion. Your decision is important. For that purpose, there will be some methods here for your vote and your ability to express yourself. And you'll get to have your say. This is a very polarizing issue.

Why does this Summary Page exist? Because it has been said that Obamacare, as of June 28, 2012, is now the primary issue of the November General Election. (Jeffrey H. Anderson, Weekly Standard, June 28, 2012. This Election Just Became About Obamacare) In addition, the expectation is that we'll be able to see a graduation of the health care debate as 2014 approaches. In other words, we'll get to watch this ship sink or float, while it happens.

Continuous Updates

This Summary Page will be updated daily. It is an ongoing project expected to last until 2014 (full enactment) or repeal.

Read About Obamacare
Read About Obamacare

The Obamacare Bill

Read it yourself; decide for yourself. The Obamacare Full Text Bill

The PPACA is available for your viewing on the internet. You can download the document in .PDF format, or read it directly off the web page over at

.PDF Document: Click Here

Web HTML Version: Click Here

The Print Book and Additional Opinions: Click Here

By having the information at your own fingertips, you may be better informed than those around you. At this point in time, there are no statistics available to show what percentage of the population, or members of our government, has actually read the Bill.

The Inception of Obamacare: A Chronology - Chapter 1: From Idea to Fruition

The Chronology of the Health Care Reform Debate
The Chronology of the Health Care Reform Debate

The following is a list of events, in order. This is what brought us to the legislation we're debating today. No opinions need to be provided here; this is simply what happened.

Disclaimer: If you see something missing, please submit it in the guestbook.

The Rise of the Health Care Debate

2007, April 27 to 2008, April 16: The health care arguments are shaped with these 26 Democratic Primary debates. As the general election looms closer, Senators Clinton and Obama begin to express the details in their plans. (It should be noted that Universal Health Care, or Hillarycare, was an issue in the 90s under President Bill Clinton and is a precursor to the events transpiring here.)

2008, February 29: In the MSNBC Democrat Party Primary debate in Cleveland, Ohio with Senator Hillary Clinton, then Senator Obama, gives his most clarifying details on his health care plan. He specifically says that it "is a mandate that every individual purchase health care." (Transcript here)

Senator Barack Obama takes the Oath of Office
Senator Barack Obama takes the Oath of Office

Chapter 2: The 2008 Election of Barack Obama

2008, November 4, Presidential Election: Barack Obama

2009, January 20: Senator Barack Obama takes the Oath of Office and becomes our 44th President.

2009, March 5: President Obama announces health care reform in a conference and states that he wants it passed before their Summer Recess.

2009, April 24: President Obama shows approval for, and key Democrats begin referring to, the Reconciliation process that allows the Senate to bypass a filibuster. (Article here.)

2009, November 7: The House of Representatives (led by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi) passes the Affordable Health Care for America Act (220-215). This is forwarded to The Senate.

2009, December 29: PPACA passes Senate, 60-30. All Democrats support it. All Independents support it. All Republicans against it. One Republican not voting: Senator Bunning (KY)

Chapter 3: The Republican Response

The Republicans Respond to Obamacare
The Republicans Respond to Obamacare

2010, January 19: Republican Scott Brown (51.9%) wins the Massachusetts Special Election for Ted Kennedy's senatorial seat against Martha Coakley (47.1%). This election is considered an important roadblock to Obamacare because it provided the one vote needed to stop the final draft vote after the two Bills are melded together in Committee.

2010, March 21: PPACA passes House of Representatives, 219-212. All Republicans against it (178). 34 Democrats against it. Remaining Democrats for it. Since the two Bills can no longer be joined, the House passes the Senate version. Now there is a single Bill approved by both houses.

2010, March 23: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Barack Obama.

2010, November 2: The 2010 Midterm Elections. Republicans take back the House of Representatives, picking up a net total of 63 seats. The Senate remains under Democrats, with Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Chapter 4: The Battle Begins

The Fight over the Constitutionality of Obamacare
The Fight over the Constitutionality of Obamacare

2012, March 26: (The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments against the constitutionality of Obamacare in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius.

Day 1: Does the court have a right to rule on the law because it is not fully in effect?

Day 2: Is the Individual Mandate constitutional?

Day 3: Does the PPACA infringe upon States' Rights?

2012, June 28 (Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling Date): (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius. The Supreme Court upholds (5-4) the PPACA as constitutional. Justice Roberts' opinion submits that Obamacare is not justified under the Commerce Clause, but is constitutional under Congressional Tax Authority.)

2012, July 12: (The House of Representative votes to repeal the PPACA by a vote of 244-185. This is recognized as the 31st time they have attempt to remove or repeal the Bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) vows not to bring the vote up in the Senate. Five Democrats crossed party lines to repeal: Reps. Dan Boren (OK), Larry Kissell (NC), Jim Matheson (UT), Mike McIntyre (NC) and Mike Ross (AK). )

2012, August 1: (Today, in accordance with the PPACA, Health Insurers are required to pay for FDA-approved contraception. Included in this list is well-woman visits, violence counseling, gestational diabetes screenings, breastfeeding supplies, HPV DNA testing, sexually transmitted infection counseling, and HIV testing without additional co-pays. The rules take effect at the following insurance renewal date on or after Wednesday. (Information gathered at

Historical Surprise! - Chapter 5: The Surprise Attack on Obamacare

Vice Presiential Candidate, Paul Ryan (GOP)
Vice Presiential Candidate, Paul Ryan (GOP)

2012, August 11: Before today, Mitt Romney lacked the moral standing to complain about Obamacare; in the past, it was pointed out that Romneycare and Obamacare were almost identical. Mitt Romney, however, surprised everyone when he picked Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice Presidential Candidate. This, in effect, meant he was attacking President Obama on the economy, but it also meant a surprise attack on Obamacare. Romney and Ryan's offensive maneuver now points out that Obamacare steals 716 Billion dollars from Medicare to pay for itself. And they are using this argument to point out the single, possibly most important, difference between Obamacare and Romneycare.

2012, September 19: On this day, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released their new numbers on the number of middle-income families that will be affected by the "tax penalty". In 2010, the number was 4 Million. Today, it was revised upward to 6 Million, a 50% increase.

The Obamacare Supreme Court Decision

The SCOTUS determined that the PPACA is legal under Congressional Tax Laws.

The President's Health Care Stands - Chapter 6: After a lengthy battle, President Obama is Re-Elected

President Obama is re-elected on November 6, 2012, meaning Obamacare will not be repealled.
President Obama is re-elected on November 6, 2012, meaning Obamacare will not be repealled.

Whether you were for or against "Obamacare", the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election has decidedly determined the fate of the bill:

In a vote of 50-48, President Obama was re-elected, thus continuing the history of his landmark bill. Had Mitt Romney won, he stated he would have begun the appeals process from day 1, but now we will witness the full 6 years of its enactment. Most importantly, we will get a greater sense to whether Health Care costs are going to rise or lower.

Without injecting opinion, had the bill gone down early, we would only be able to speculate whether it would work or not.

Here were the vote totals for the 2012 Presidential Election, held on this summary page, to November 6, 2012:

I'm for President Obama (Forward. Not Back.)


I'm for Governor Mitt Romney (Believe in America.)


Undecided (They're both good candidate.)


I've decided not to vote (None of these candidates are any good.)


The real candidate is... (I'm voting for a 3rd party candidate.)


Vote for me! (I'm insane and will write my own name in.)


Total Votes: 45

The Main Components of Obamacare - What's in the Bill?

President Obama, signing the PPACA
President Obama, signing the PPACA

Starting in 2010, the PPACA begins incrementing until it is fully in effect. The following is a generalized list of what will happen:

This section is still being researched and updated.


Extended Coverage for Young Adults. Children dependents can now be covered up to age 26.

Insurance Pool Created for Pre-existing Conditions. Until the PPACA is fully implemented (2014), an insurance pool has been created for uninsured individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Website Created. (I can't currently figure out which site this is - please leave me a message in the guestbook if you know.)

Early Retirees Reinsurance. (Ending January 1st, 2014, this is a temp program to reimburse members of families of early retirees.)

Health Insurers Reform. Health Insurers now have to accept children with pre-existing conditions, provide coverage for prevention, cannot rescind coverage when a person gets sick, and may not have lifetime or dollar value limits on the amount of coverage afforded.


Disabled Insurance Coverage. A voluntary insurance program is created for disabled adults.

Premium Spending Reports. Insurers must provide an annual report on the share of premium dollars spent on health care; they must also provide consumer rebates for excessive medical loss ratios.

W-2 Reporting. Employers must provide medical contributions information on your W-2.

Fully standardizing "Medical Expenses". As stated, for purposes of reporting, what can and cannot be considered a medical expense.


Electronic Records and Simplification. The legislation now requires health insurers and providers to provide standard rules and process for the exchange of health information.


The Individual Mandate. Described below.

The Employer Mandate. If your business has more than 50 employers, and you don't provide heath care, you get taxed $2000 per employee.

Continued Health Insurance Reforms. Insurers will be required to continue the reforms towards pre-existing conditions, dollar limits, continuing coverage.

On June 28, 2012, CNN initially reported that the Individual Mandate had been overturned.
On June 28, 2012, CNN initially reported that the Individual Mandate had been overturned.

The Obamacare Individual Mandate

How much it will cost year.

In 2014, the Individual Mandate goes into effect. The Obama Administration has argued that it is a tax before the Supreme Court. According to the PPACA, it will be implemented incrementally and policed by the Internal Revenue Service. This data only covers to 2016 and there is no further information beyond that date:

Picture: On June 28, 2012, CNN initially reported that the Supreme Court had overturned the Individual Mandate.

1. If you have health insurance, you will not be taxed.

2. If you do not have health insurance, and do not have a waiver, you will be taxed as follows. (By waiver, meaning, government assistance or impoverished as defined by the document.)

2014: You will be taxed, 95 dollars a person or 1% of your income, whichever is greater.

2015: You will be taxed, 325 dollars a person or 2% of your income, whichever is greater.

2016: $695 a person or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater.

The Obamacare Business Mandate - How Your Company, Big or Small, May Be Affected By The PPACA

The Obamacare Business Mandate
The Obamacare Business Mandate

The responsibility of a business to provide health care is also addressed in the PPACA. If you are in a boss or working in a company, these are the elements of the Bill that will go into effect in 2014. (Please note that this is the same time the Individual Mandate goes into effect as well.):

Once your business has 50 or more people, you are required to provide a Health Care Plan. - Any business with under 50 personnel remains exempt from health care requirements.

Your place of business is fined $2000 for every person if you are not exempt. The minimum that a business may be fined, therefore, is 100,000 dollars (50 people x 2000 dollars per person).

So you want to explain Obamacare? - Tell us what you think.

If you're an opinionated person (and that's highly likely since you're here), you've probably got some theories or ideas why Obamacare will or won't work.

Are you brave enough to state them on paper? Sure you are! And the reason you're going to do this is so you can be proven right. By 2014 or earlier, we'll get a much more detailed picture of the progression (or lack thereof) of President Obama's hallmark legislation.)

Do you think Obamacare Will Work?

Yes (Of course it will and here is why.)

Yes (Of course it will and here is why.)

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    • mcspocky lm 4 years ago

      The Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" is a giant step in the right direction. A single payer option would have been better, but this is a start. We are finally taking a step to join the rest of the industrialized countries in the 21st century by providing health care for our citizens. We should have left the old "pay or die" health care system behind a long time ago.

    • DebMartin 4 years ago

      I really wish we would start calling it what it is, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I love that President Obama is getting credit for this long-overdue change, but the label "Obamacare" comes with some baggage and says nothing about what the act is designed to do.

      Yes, I think it will work because it IS working. 2014 is just the end of a long list of steps that this Act has directed to occur since October 2010.

      States, even those with governors against the act, have been offered and taken millions of dollars from this act to create wellness programs in some of our poorest neighborhoods. And what a relief for all those seniors whose prescription medication hit the "donut hole." Part of the act is to crack down on Medicare fraud and that is happening. And oh my, don't get me started on the benefits that we gain from insurance companies not being able to deny insurance to individuals with preexisting conditions, increasing access to affordable health care. And extending coverage of young adults. And since 2010 health plans much cover preventive care for free. No deductible or copay. And eliminating lifetime limits on insurance coverage as well as holding insurances companies accountable for raising rates. This Act has heavily targeted prevention in poor communities and rural communities, some of the greatest under-served areas in the country for healthcare. Prevention programs, given the time they need to work, will soon save us millions of dollars in emergency-room fees.

      The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been working well since late 2010 (two years ago). Some are so flipped out about establishing insurance coverage for everyone in 2014 that they seem not to be realizing that the Act is working now. I have only to look at a few family members and close friends to count at least a dozen people in my immediate circle who have been positively affected by this Act. Some don't even know it. They think what they enjoy now in decreased prescription costs for seniors or free mammograms and pap tests or even being able to get insurance with a preexisting condition has always been their right and not part of this wonderful Act.

      I'm really looking forward to Jan 2014 when I can get affordable insurance through a Health Care Exchange (I'm self employed now so my health insurance is almost 50% of what I earn) and even better, Congress will get their insurance through a Health Care Exchange, just like the rest of us.

      Whew! Thanks for asking ;-)

    • jdpslc 5 years ago

      By and large I think it will work. Most people seem to enjoy it in Mass. the only place where anything like it is implemented and it works for most people. It is an amendable idea, something that can be tweaked when the imperfect portions of the bill come to light. ALSO, any state can opt out of Obamacare, provided they come up with a system that tackles the core issues (So far Vermont and Mass. have opted out). In 7 years people will be like, well, got that (insert medical condition emergency rooms don't fix) fixed.

    No (Obviously not and this is why.)

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      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Hell no!!! Who the hell does obama think he is deciding what is right for me?? I can't find a damn job because of him. All companies where i work are cutting theirs hours to part time hours. Therefore, making it harder for me and millions of americans to find a job. To make matters worse, he wants to give amnesty to all illegal aliens that broke lawa & still are breaking laws. How in the hell is that good for the economy?? I would love to see him struggle to support his family & have to support all those illegals. I knew from the beginning it would be a HUGE mistake for him to be president. Good thing i didn't vote for him. For all those people who voted for him, i hope your happy. He is destroying the united states right before our eyes. Little by little we americans are losing our rights. Everything he has done since his presidency up until today is against the constitution and against the law. His main focus is to help illegals and screw americans. He is the worst & he will one day get a taste of his own medicine plus some!!

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Social Security and Medicare are going broke, rife with fraud and abuse and people think this will be better? It is going to cost those who have paid for our own heath care for years unable to afford our premiums.

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        I eventually voted for Obama and I do regret it. first 4 years were okay.mmm but after the second election I can say I would like the USA have an early voting again to take him down as a president. He is doing a lot of things that are costing us citizen a lot more than just money.... plus the Syria issues forget it, we loose him and his brain has abandoned his body probably. USA is losing reputation for standing by its words and employers are cutting people hours to have them as part time so they get away from obama care, did he thought about that upsssss! I guess not. My point is we had a horrible past couple of years with economy on the floor and houses market forget it that is a disaster. News said "house market is coming back slowly". EXCUSE ME! It will not be for long time, As people continue getting their hours reduced, their paycheck is shrinking as well. So they are not going to be capable of paying cars and houses. and then this market is going to get really really screw up. to the point that no one will be able to fix it. Its going to take 10+ years... for market to come back sadly. thanks to Obama Care and his continue wrong decisions one after another. too bad. Someone have to stop him. I also believe that obama should GET OVER from snowbiden or whatever the last name, don't remember. He spoke for or country I do believe its terrible that USA want to control all the messages, emails, social media and phones as they pleased and that is wrong, we are slowly becoming venezuela or any other country were slowly its taking their rights and people listen when we wake up its going to be too late cause we are not standing for our rights and we are not thinking clear and far away from today and tomorrow. I don't want to be ten years from now worry about what I can say, that the government can not listen. I may just leave this country if this is going to continue this way find other country that stands more for their citizens rights and respect them as here in the USA its none left. And leave that guy alone that blow up the secret of you people listen and recording conversations that you guys are not supposed to, but you have too much power to make him miserable for no reason yes no reason as he have rights the same that we do, that are been broken by you and thousands that work for you. Citizens we need to fight against those things that are not fair and together we can get somewhere.

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Because it will cost JOBS. Jobs by the thousands, it is fiscally unsustainable and irresponsible, it will be another government run monstrosity that will end up like all other government run fiascos, will be an enormous security risk for everybody with identity fraud and privacy violations rife throughout, and is an endless chain of unexpected and disastrous consequences dreamed up by a joker with no other credentials except as a community organizer. I could continue but you should get the point.

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Heck No! It will discourage doctors, it will make attaining an appointment almost impossible.

        The costs will be outrageous and it appears to target senior citizens to prevent their having health care.

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        Heck No!

      • QuickFitNow 4 years ago

        Just go to and see how much this monstrosity is going to cost you. Everyone that's for it thinks that they are getting free health care. When you go to that site make sure you also look at the astronomical deductibles. Essentially you're paying money each month and getting nothing for it. People need to wake up!

      • Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

        No, Obamacare will not work. Too much government control. It will cost way too much.

      Obamacare: The Popularity Poll - Thumbs up or down?

      Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on Obamacare?
      Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on Obamacare?

      This is a purely unscientific, popularity poll on Obamacare. You can hate it, love it, like it, or put it in a small box for later. It's completely your opinion to weigh out, and if you think it's too early - don't vote today. Come back when you're ready!

      The truth is, we all have a lot of things to say about Obamacare; the nation is very mixed with lots of different viewpoints. To get a sense of "how good" or "how bad", the best thing here is a straightforward poll that gives percentages. (If you do want to provide an opinion on this, feel free in the guestbook.)

      Obamacare: Good, Bad, Ugly, or What?

      See results
      Obamacare and Myths That Will Be Addressed
      Obamacare and Myths That Will Be Addressed

      Obamacare: Myths, Facts, and Arguments That Will Be Addressed

      The Real Answers You Want

      The hardest task in Obamacare is addressing the charges that lack research. That's why you get to decide the new sections that will be addressed here. Provided below is a list of the topics people are most concerned about. If you do not see your topic, please leave a note in the guestbook and it will be added Expect to see special sections on these topics in the future:

      • Obamacare and Death Panels - Once of the main points of contention to Obamacare is "The Death Panel". In this section, we'll provide information on whether the government is, or will, form decision-making boards that determine a limit of your health care.
      • Obamacare will force us into a Single-Payer System - Another extremely popular argument is that Obamacare will cause other Health Care Insurers to go bankrupt, forcing the country to become a "Single-Payer" system. This is also predicated off the quote from President Obama that "you will be able to keep your existing plan". This section will address the likelihood based on existing data.


      And thanks for dropping by! If you've seen or heard anything pertaining to Obamacare , or you'd like to submit information of your own, please feel free to sound off with your constructive criticism or opinions. All are welcome; just remember to be courteous because this is a free resource.

      New Guestbook Comments

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        • mcspocky lm profile image

          mcspocky lm 4 years ago

          I couldn't remember if I had commented on this page or not, so if this is my second comment please bear with me.

          We have long needed to overhaul our healthcare system. We have been the only industrialized country in the world without a universal healthcare system. One might even come to the conclusion that this may be one of the reasons other countries are surpassing us with longer life expectancy rates and lower infant mortality rates. When you can afford to get healthcare, you get preventative care and not just healthcare when you don't have any other choice.

          Many people who don't have the money to afford healthcare have one option for treatment, and that is the emergency room. When people are forced to get their healthcare at the emergency room, because they have no money to pay with, it costs the rest of us. Considering this fact, and the fact that people will be able to get preventative care when they couldn't before, will actually save this country a great deal of money. In the long run, the Affordable Care Act isn't going to cost us, it was save us money.

          A single payer option for the Affordable Care Act would have been better than what we ended up with, but Democrats had to make a lot of concessions in order to get it passed considering the republican opposition. It's not all the way to where it needs to be yet, but it's a GIANT step in the right direction.

          Now the problem is republican Governors who don't want to expand Medicaid in their states, even though it would cost them very little to do so. The state's poor will be the ones to lose out. I think the republican Governors who are blocking expanding Medicaid in their states should be held accountable for any deaths that result from their decision. As you can see, I feel very strongly about this issue.

          Here is a map that shows where each state stands on Medicaid expansion:

        • cleanearth profile image

          cleanearth 4 years ago

          Very informative, but as far as Obamacare, I still say that no one knows or no one will know until it is upon us? I do sincerely hope it is as great as the Obama supporters says it is. I am not a Romney supporter either. I'm a No Vote supporter lol. Just can't handle people who lie all the time like politicians do and decided to stop voting

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          @anonymous: How? How exactly will everyone having a stable, reliable health care plan possibly prove bad for our nation?

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Obama care and Obama is going to destroy our country.

        • OhMe profile image

          Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

          Good job of presenting both sides