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government of the people - not

Updated on July 31, 2011

government spending

I started out with the intention of writing about government waste but then I started to find that much as been said about that but no one is listening. Who has ever heard of CAGW.ORG or and yet those sites among many others should be a source of much of the information we need to know. Who ever heard of the program to teach prostitutes to not drink so much and yet our money paid for that. Who knew that while Washington is struggling to come up with a new budget 20 people in the White House were given $610,150 in raises including a 86% raise to the "Director of African American Media' bringing his salary to $78,000 a year. If we are in such an economic crises, why are we paying $130,500 to a "special assistant to the president for economic policy"?

We can blame various congressmen and senators for those expenses but the truth is we need to speak up ourselves as well to demand an end to the pork barrel. When we see millions being paid for a rapid transit system that is not really necessary, we need to say we don't want it. When a government program duplicates a program done just as well be non-government agencies, we need to demand an end to the government program.

We are not "one nation" any longer really because we have the nation of those who paid into Social Security for years and then we have the civil servants who have their own retirement system that we must also support with our tax dollars. We are a nation of unemployed or under employed but we are also a nation of those who use tax dollars to line their own pockets such as those federal employees who used credit cards to pay for champagne and steaks as well as the video "girls gone wild"

For too long, we have sat back and allowed our leaders to tell us how to live but we are in the majority and we need to tell those elected officials how we want to live. When prohibition became the law in this nation it was almost totally ignored and caused the creation of organized crime and speakeasies because it was not a law the majority wanted so it was later repealed but why didn't someone ask the people what they wanted before passing that law in the first place?

when the supreme court made the rulings regarding separation of church and state, the ruling was fine regarding the one case in front of it but to then make that the rule of the land, the court became a law maker rather than a body to decide matters of law. If there is a question of the role of religion, that should be left to individuals and their cities and states to decide how they want their society formed by a majority vote. I remember hearing of one case where an entire town wanted a prayer before a football game but the federal government prevented that based upon the law as interpreted by that supreme court thousands of miles away.

We no longer have a government of the people and will not until people get involved and tell our lawmakers what we want and do not want from them. As it stands now, our government is based upon how many lobbyists a group has and who has made the largest campaign contributions. That was not the intention of the founding fathers of this country and it should not be our intentions now. There have been over 6 million families who have left this nation to live in other nations for one reason or another but those of us who can not afford to leave or have no where else to go have to fight to get back the country and restore not collective freedoms based upon wealth and power but individual freedoms based upon what we want and how we wish to live. According to the latest United Nations Human Index report, we are 13th in the world in terms of education, medical care and adjusted real income. We can and should do better than that but we need people to demand the changes needed to raise those figures and make us higher on the world food chain.


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    • Al Bacon profile image

      Al Bacon 6 years ago from Fraser, Michigan

      I would not be surprised to hear it is still on the books!!

    • daskittlez69 profile image

      daskittlez69 6 years ago from midwest

      Great hub. In college I wrote a paper on governmental waste. They had a law on the books from the 1800's for hot air balloon research that they were still spending millions of dollars a year on. Of course no one really knew where the money was going.