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Greek debt

Updated on February 19, 2015

To whom it may concern

Dear X.

I am writing in order to express my deepest respect and appreciation for the countless services that you are constantly offering to mankind. The reason that I am not addressing you with a name is that one of the characteristics that I mostly admire in you is that- out of humility certainly, or perhaps due to extraordinary blessings from Above- your personal name has been paradoxically been retracted from the attributes that form one’s personality. I am deeply concerned about the consequences that this might bear on your psyche, since a name gives its owner certain characteristics: it denotes perhaps where the person comes from, or a particular quality that they are called to develop, and it is, of course, the means through which the individual is appointed to others. Therefore I am extremely distressed not to be able to address you with any other name than dear X., an expression of a rather pejorative connotation, but I know that you will humbly accept it, what a remarkable and magnanimous gesture!

In comparison to this extraordinary nameless feature of yours, I am extremely embarrassed to confess that I own a wretched and miserable name: Chryssanthi is my name, which means golden flower, what an awkward significance, or am I mistaken, perhaps you find some interest in it. By this name I am known to others, this name portrays my origins, my language, my history and civilization. (My language, by the way, is Greek; a primitive and antiquated language which is, for the benefit of mankind, being thrown in the dustbin of History because of its uselessness and the risks that it presents of waking up memories of the worst and darkest eras of the world History). I do admit certainly that the civilization of an individual named X. is above and beyond any other, in which case I fall on my knees and bow down to you because of this divine charisma that you have been blessed with: your namelessness.

The word namelessness leads me directly to the second quality I deeply admire in you: facelessness. How poetically do these two words match, rhyming and combining with each other, enhancing your glory. Facelessness, what a divine attribute: the apotheosis of beauty, the synopsis of magnificence, the quintessence of glory. Oh you, my cherished, nameless and faceless ones, my beloved, appreciate lords of the Universe. With the intense lifeless look of an exquisitively made up corpse that stands upright, hanging by invisible strings.

Oh, I am so deeply touched by this look. It expresses such an infinite compassion towards the hideous beings that creep all around the world, begging brazenly a bite of food in order to sustain their wretched existence.

As I mentioned above I am Greek. Unfortunately, the country I come from is full of those hideous creatures, incapable of making a dignified living, lazy, dull, maladjusted and certainly useless reptiles. You are so right, so intelligently right in working so hard to achieve your long wished goal: that of absorbing from them the last drip of blood and thus sending them where they belong: to the deepest pits of hell, of inexistence, of humiliation and of death. You are so blessed to rid the world of these wretched and dangerous beasts, that you discretely and elegantly lead them to recognize the vanity of their existence and commit suicide. That you prevent their youths to procreate and dream. A horrid reptile has no right to dream. It has only obligation to die.

You are doing this so admirably well: by augmenting their loans – who told those incapable tramps to get loans? By imposing the clever taxations – the right to life of those beings must be heavily taxed, it is the duty of righteous governors to implement them. By provoking the divinely vicious circle of unemployement – what a splendid, ingenious, wise plan of extermination of such hideous, dangerous and abominable creatures. They have never offered anything during their wretched existence. They have never worked, they have never created. And above all: They have no atrocities to boast for. In the fire.

I am so grateful to you, dear nameless, faceless, (heartless). I pray to the Lord of magnanimous vultures for your well being. That whatever you touch may be transformed into gold. The day that my wish will be fulfilled – what a bliss – and everything around you will shine with the splendor of gold, what a beautiful panorama. Your abodes, your attires, all your belongings will have the subtle glow of the noble metal. Among them your servants, your friends and foes your concubines, your food. What a splendid show! Divine justice will have reigned at that time. You, my friends, Xs, Ys, Zs, will have formed the kingdom of heaven on earth. Wasn’t that your deepest wish? To win a place in the pantheon of the greatest men in the world? The Hitlers, the Nerons, the Attilas, the Stalins will look so small and insignificant compared to you, my holy ones.

I beg of you, please share with me the fruit of your long, copious work and reserve for me a tiny corner next to your sacred body, inside your tomb made by precious stones, where your priceless golden corpse will be lowered and lie for its eternal sleep. Quietly. Namelessly. Facelessely. Soulessely. Heartlessely. Purposelessely.


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    • YsisHb profile image

      YsisHb 2 years ago

      Very good writing! I am sad for Greek situation.