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Organic Home Parties with Chartreuse

Updated on December 31, 2010

Join the GreenerEarth Team and Sell Organic, All Natural Products!

It seems that everywhere people are talking about the state of the economy and looking for places to earn a little extra cash. Whether it is for upcoming holidays, a family vacation, upcoming birthdays or just to have a little extra cash in the bank, it's not difficult to make a supplemental or full-time income from the home party circuit. The biggest problem might be doing your research beforehand to find a company that suits your lifestyle providing an income, yet still getting some personal satisfaction from the work.

Earning Money with Home Parties

Basic tax information and how you get paid

One way to earn some side money is becoming an independent representative for a home party based business. As an independent representative you will be selling products for the company which you choose to sign up with. Instead of receiving a paycheck you will receive commission payments, which at the end of the year will be reported to you on a 1099 instead of the traditional W-2 that wages are reported on. The 1099 signifies that you are working on an independent consultant basis and you will be responsible for paying your own taxes at the end of the year. Most companies will not offer to withhold any of your earnings for your taxes at the end of the year so make sure you set some of your earnings aside each pay period. Also, this may affect your tax liability so you will want to assess whether you need to start making estimated payments on your taxes. On the plus side, you will also get to deduct all of your business related expenses, so hold onto those receipts for when you do your taxes at the end of the year.

Interested in Making Some Additional Income Right Now?

Contact the GreenerEarth Team today to see if you can get started selling earth friendly products you can feel good about selling!

Unique earth friendly products you can feel good about selling.

Unique earth friendly products you can feel good about selling.
Unique earth friendly products you can feel good about selling.

A Poll About your Current Job

It's a fact of life, and an unpleasant statistic: 9 out of 10 people hate their jobs, and get NO personal satisfaction from it.

How much personal satisfaction do you get out of your current job?

See results

The opportunity for ongoing sales

Chartreuse provides you with your own personal webpage, so when customers love your product, they can return to the webpage and order again and again! Some products have refill pouches available, so it only makes sense to return to order more if they're satisfied.

Things to Think About When Looking for Home Party Companies

Tips to keep in mind for your home party job search

Some things to keep in mind when reviewing what home party company to join are:

  • The commission rates (most importantly)
  • Will you have to purchase your catalogs and order forms, or are they provided to your for free?
  • What is the cost of the start-up kit?
  • Are there any minimum sales or party requirements for a month/quarter etc.?
  • Are there any restrictions on the territory in which you can sell your products?
  • Are there any requirements on recruiting new people once you yourself are established?

For me, the biggest factor was coming across a home party company that I shared a vision with: working to make the world more aware of the impact we are leaving on the planet, and the mess we are leaving for our children to deal with. It's tough finding a company that cares about its "carboon footprint," and what impact its daily business leaves on the world, but Chartreuse goes far out of their way and makes it a priority. Chartreuse provides organic natural products that you would use in your everyday life. Whether it be the Peppermint All Purpose Cleaner or the corn based biodegradable trash bags, they all contribute to the idea of making the world a healthier place. Of course, there is work involved in getting yourself out there, booking parties, and creating a loyal fan base, but when you believe in the products, you'll portray that to your customers (and they'll notice!). Not only are you making a sizable side income, but you also are educating people about the day to day effects they are having on the planet and contributing to a greener earth.

What type of people work for Chartreuse?

Stay at home moms, people who work full time and would like to supplement their income, college students, and overall green enthusiasts!

Paperless Paper Towels: an idea that could save thousands of trees!

Paperless Paper Towels:  an idea that could save thousands of trees!
Paperless Paper Towels: an idea that could save thousands of trees!

Get a Feel for the Home Party Company

Talk to represenatives, customers and hostesses about the company

Beware of which company you choose to represent, and do your homework to ensure that it is a reputable company. Host a party with the company if you have not done so already. Talk to people that are currently representing the company to get a feel of how they like the company, the products and most importantly how hard is it to get parties. If you love the products it will come naturally to you when you have to talk about them in front of your party groups. People can pick up on true excitement and that will only contribute to an increase in sales.

What sets Charteuse apart:

Home parties with Chartreuse are a fun, educational, and they're an excellent chance for the party-goers to sample and purchase eco friendly products that they'll want to come back for again and again!

Items like the All Natural Bathroom Cleaner are sold in bottles, but refills are sold in pouches to reduce the consumption of pl

Items like the All Natural Bathroom Cleaner are sold in bottles, but refills are sold in pouches to reduce the consumption of pl
Items like the All Natural Bathroom Cleaner are sold in bottles, but refills are sold in pouches to reduce the consumption of pl

Selling Consumable Items

...and something truly unique and new!

There are plenty of companies out there looking for representatives, you just need to find the one that's right for you. In this economy you also want to keep in mind what type of products you will be selling. For example, a representative selling jewelry or handbags may have a tougher time then one selling consumable products such as food or cleaning products. If it is an item which people use regularly they are still going to be purchasing the item, and if they can have fun at a party while purchasing items they need you are going to have steady sales. And this may even lead to repeat customers, because after they run out of the product which they have purchased from you they may come back to by a refill or replacement item.

Another thing to keep in mind: does the company have fresh, new remarkable ideas, or is it just a rehash of something that's already been done? People like exciting new ventures, products and ideas to tell other people about.

Providing the Perfect Work at Home Opportunity

Chartreuse is perfect if you would like to work from home. You can start building your business through home parties and through your online business. You make your own hours.

Organic Facial Cream: skin care without the harsh chemicals!

Organic Facial Cream: skin care without the harsh chemicals!
Organic Facial Cream: skin care without the harsh chemicals!

We are currently working on building TheGreenerEarth team selling Chartreuse products and are recruiting representatives for the team from all across the country. If you are interested in joining the team please contact me for more information. This is a low pressure company with no sales requirements currently and no recruiting requirements, though you do have to have an interest in educating people about maintaining a green healthy planet. A commission rate is paid for all sales from parties, and from sales which you receive through your own personal website.


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      8 years ago

      Very nice lens. Gave you 4 stars and a lensroll. Came with a cup of tea and liked your lens too much

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      8 years ago

      thanks! I have never heard of this!

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      9 years ago

      Just came across this page and love it!

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      10 years ago

      I like the fact that your company is eco friendly.


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