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A Million Ways to Go Green! Headquarters

Updated on December 30, 2010

The Place to Learn About the Environment - From Recycling to Reusing, Current Green Living Topics, Ideas for Sustainability and Conservation!

Welcome to A Million Ways to Go Green!

Conservation, reducing, reusing, recycling, repurposing. This group has been formed with the purpose of informing everyone of the many ways to be greener and to feature some of the green living Squidoo lenses out there!

Lenses on recycling, eco friendly products, green ideas, sustainable living, recycling tips, and anything that will help others on their path to go green will be welcome!

A few small requirements for lenses in this group:

  • No lenses with default module titles like "new guestbook" or "great stuff on amazon" or "new flickr photos".
  • Each lens must be 5 modules or more.
  • Your bio must be filled out and a picture uploaded.
  • A lens introduction picture is a must, as well as an introduction that contains at least a few sentences.
  • Sorry, due to the overwhelming low quality, Clickbank lenses will not be accepted.

Visit the Facebook group A Million Ways to Go Green and join up!

Further updates will be made on this page soon as we convert to the new format of the group.

We've recently added our new A Million Ways to Go Green blog!

1. Add a "please consider the environment before printing this email" signature to your email accounts.

2. Try to find one thing that you throw away often and reduce it, recycle it, or better yet, reuse it. How about those tubs of butter, sour cream, and cottage cheese? Those can be washed and reused for leftovers, coffee grinds, tacks, screws, and kids paint projects.

3. Save those packing peanuts! When you have something shipped to your house, they often have packing peanuts. These are extremely expensive for businesses, and most recycling stations and UPS stores will gladly take these off your hands.

4. Start bringing your own mug to the coffee shop. Hot or cold, this can save you some money, too! And of course, you'll be saving plastic and paper.

5. Stop that junk mail! Give junkmail the boot by finding the 1-800 numbers on the back of catalogs, and stop those credit card offers from coming in by calling 1-888-5 OPT OUT.

6. Grow your own herb, spice and tomato plants on your deck or backyard to save you the trip to the grocery store. Use those stored up used coffee grinds for a great fertilizer supplement!

7. Make a pledge to use public transportation when headed into your local major city next time.

8. Celebrate Earth Day with some organic veggies from your local grocery store, and try to have one day per week of all veggie based meals, like vegetable soup, eggplant, and oatmeal.

9. Soda junkies, biggie size your soda and use less plastic... Buy 2 liter bottles, which use less plastic, or better yet, make the switch to filtered tap water!

10. Give your car some TLC in the form of maintenance. Is your car past due for an oil change, are the tires inflated, do they need to be rotated? These can make your car less efficient, and will burn more gas per mile!

Have Earth Day last beyond just one day..make it everyday!

How many green living lenses do you currently have?

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Easy Tips on Going Green

Simple (but important) steps to make your life a little greener

Like this group suggests, there's a million ways to go green. But what's the most important? What should we focus on the most? Here are some ideas on what you can do to get started...

-Conserve water by switching to filtered tap water. Bottled water is not only bad for the environment, but bad for you. It has less regulations, and harmful plastic contaminants are leeched into some bottled waters. Plastic bottles take huge amounts of energy to transport and to recycle. They also never break down in our environment if they've been carelessly discarded.

-Grow it yourself or buy local. Buying local produce and meats will not only support your local community, but will use less energy to transport the food to you. A benefit for you: it's fresher, too.

-Turn the heat down just a couple of degrees, and program your thermostat. If you don't have a programmable thermostat, turn it down before you leave for work, then up when you come back. Even when running errands, try this. It will save huge amounts of energy.

-Use a power strip for your computer and large electronics. Electronics that are plugged in, even toasters and radios, will drain energy all day long when they're plugged in. A power strip (preferably one with a surge protector) will make it easy to shut the power off with just the flick of a switch.

-Use a cold wash for your clothing and try to air dry as much as possible. Clothing dryers are a huge energy hog. By using a cold wash on your washing machine, you'll be letting your hot water tank relax (and save more energy!).

Earth Day Contest!

Win $65 in Products from Chartreuse!

I'm holding a contest for this Earth Day where you'll have the opportunity to win $65 in products from Chartreuse! So what do you have to do to win? Spread the word about something green via a blog post of your own. There are a couple of other small stipulations, please read here.

If you have a lens here at A Million Ways to Go Green, you're already a great writer that can handle the small task of writing a green blog post. Give it a try! The readers will determine the winner, via a poll. The winner will be drawn on April 22, Earth Day.

Need some ideas on what to write about? Try writing about local Earth Day activities, what the day means to you, a compilation of your best recycling tips, climate change or about organic farming. If it's green, it qualifies! People like helpful, passionate, and unique posts, so try to go for that!

The winner will be announced on the Earth Day Contest Lens, and here on a Million Ways to Go Green! So go ahead, get your post ready now and submit it to the lens! If you're not taking part in the contest, be sure to vote for your favorite!

**UPDATE! Congratulations to Paula Atwell for winning the contest! She won the grand prize of $65 in organic products from Chartreuse. Enjoy, Paula!

Win a Free Reusable Tote Bag!

Enter the Backyard Birding Contest!

If you have a feeder in your backyard, you probably have an influx of birds during the cold winter months. Birds are a great site to see on your feeder. I bet you know what birds are regulars at your feeder right now right off the top of your head!

Every year, organizations hold Backyard Bird Counts to get a better understanding of bird migrations, populations, and to help out the birds that might not be doing so well (through conservation). To help out these organizations, visit our Backyard Bird Count Contest lens to see which organizations are holding the event this year! It's important to send in your reports even if you don't have many birds!

You can also win a free reusable tote bag if you sign in to the guestbook on the lens and tell us what birds you've seen lately at your bird feeder.

Update-- the contest is over! Congratulations are in order for lensmaster Lemonsqueezy, she won the reusable tote bag for submitting her bird count! Thank you to everyone else who entered. Stay tuned to this group, another contest will be announced in the upcoming weeks!

The Latest Contest...

The latest contest has been announced! Visit The Lensmaster Appreciation Contest lens to see how you can win!

If the groupmaster likes it, he or she will add it to the featured lenses lists above.


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