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gun laws are a waste so are for weapons

Updated on December 30, 2010

why it doesn't work

I'll go into a less talked about subject within the gun control area and that is weapons laws. Just as gun control, criminals don't care for them so what's the real point. Some examples are swords, daggers, brass knuckles, knives (and even this can be shaky/confusing)  longer than 4" in some states or counties, and even ninja stars (including various martial arts weapons). Lets start with swords, daggers and knives. Now with various knives more than 4" some are for tools or cutting meat, the knives i assume they are talking of or the military/fishing like knives. Which many stabbings were done by. But if one bans those then a cooking knife can use to replace that and those are legal. Plus even a blade no more than 4" can do the same effect. I can understand it more for swords and daggers because why would someone walk around in public with that. I don't understand why one can't collect them in private. If that's the case then it should be illegal to have any type of lawnmower since the rotor has sword-like blades attach to it. Brass knuckles can just gotten around by having lots of full rings on the fingers so in theory its like brass knuckles any way but legal, until a law is made to limit rings on ones fingers. The last is much interesting, I'll mention just 2, martial arts weapons like ninja stars, & nunchucks. The thing about these weapons is that a person needs lots of practice to know how to use them. Criminals are not going to wait and learn for months or years on how to use a weapon. They want things that are easily learned that they can handle. Looking in details about this I can see that politics doesn't care for common sense nor do they want to live in the real world.

Gun control, why is it basically useless? Again simple, Criminals don't respect any rules. That's why they are called criminals and get into trouble. These laws don't affect nor effect them. Doing so it does effect the law abiding citizens who respect the laws. So basically in reality its punishing the good and not the bad. The real reason is it was the bad that caused the wanting for gun control. If hypothetically all people had guns and there was no crime and all were living happily no one would want nor need gun control. The people who will win and would want or not care for gun control are the criminals. Criminals with guns can then have free reign on anything and anybody they wish, especially when the victim is not armed. So committing crime will be easy for them with nothing to worry except when getting caught by law enforcement. Although the police are armed to fight them, they can't be everywhere at the same time and may take time for them to arrive to the scene. So gun control can actually put lives in danger when it is examen thoroughly. Now if a criminal knows a potential victim is armed or may be armed, that criminal is going to think twice and it will be harder for them. States with gun control had an increase in crimes, especially with guns, which can tell you it didn't work. There are no stats on how many crimes were stop because the potential victim had a gun. Every now and then we may hear of it in the news but it still won't be counted as anything. But there are stats on gun crimes, this is the one used to justify gun control. Some gun control laws want to enforce what type of guns and how much time to get one. When a rogue can get any kind, AK-47 auto (semi-auto is legal), various assault rifles and get access to them immediately. While others have to wait 30 days or more and may have to get training and so forth. Do the law makers who support gun control care? Not much, reason is for the fact that they are sheltered with security to keep them safe so they don't have to walk in the common mans shoes. While the common man has to fend for themselves. 


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    • funaztimes profile image

      funaztimes 6 years ago

      Interesting article. I agree with you that gun control does not work. The criminals end up with the guns while the law-abiding citizens end up at a gun fight with a fist. Who's going to win that fight?