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How to Lead a Happy Life Forever

Updated on December 29, 2014

The Power of Dreams

In order to lead a happy life forever, you have to transform your personality. This is how you'll stop making mistakes and become a wise human being.

You must control your behavior, so that you may get what you want out of life.

You can achieve this goal once you learn the meaning of the dream language according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung; which I have simplified.

I transformed Jung's complicated method into a simple method of instant translation from images into words.

Follow my lessons and learn the meaning of the dream symbols. Then, follow the lessons of the unconscious mind in your own dreams. The unconscious wisdom will enlighten you, and help you acquire complete consciousness. This is how you'll become wise yourself.

You must learn how to behave like a sensitive human being instead of being a cruel animal. Only wisdom and goodness can help you attain happiness. However, you have inherited a wild conscience; the anti-conscience.

It is your primitive conscience, which didn't evolve like your human conscience.

You have to get rid of this absurd content in order to control your behavior, otherwise you will continue to be influenced by its violent tendencies.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a natural doctor, always protecting your mental health. All dream messages help you fight against the anti-conscience and evolve. By following the unconscious guidance, you will transform the anti-conscience into a positive component of your human conscience. This is how you'll eliminate the roots of absurdity from your mind forever.

This first step is necessary, so that you may really lead a happy life, instead of being depressed or acquiring graver mental illnesses.

Be a good student. The symbolic dream language is like any language constructed only by words; with the difference that it is made by images.

When you'll learn it well, you'll easily translate your dreams and everyone else's dreams as well. This is how you'll attain a higher level of knowledge.

Your mind will open, and you'll start paying attention to a million details that were invisible to your eyes before.

This is like discovering the existence of micro-organisms thanks to the vision given by a microscope. Before its invention, nobody knew that there are microbes everywhere.

You will verify that there are many dangers all around you.

What is bad prevails in our world because most people are dominated by their anti-conscience. You will have the privilege of having eternal peace of mind, while the other people around you will still be influenced by their violent wild side. Your superiority will transform you into a rare personality.

It is crucial that you help the other people around you find happiness as well.

Otherwise, you'll live alone, sporting your superior level of knowledge and feeling sorry for everyone else.

Be generous and helpful. Your good heart will transform you into a happy person, and transform the world into a happy place.

You have the power to do many things, especially because you have the wise unconscious guidance in your dreams.

Christina Sponias


Understanding Dreams and Their Mystery

Dreams are artistic creations that have a symbolic meaning. They are produced by the unconscious mind that works like a natural doctor. It uses dream symbols in order to send important messages to our conscience.

These symbols contain information and precious guidance, which protect the human side of our conscience from the anti-conscience, our primitive and wild conscience. Therefore, we dream because the dream messages protect our mental stability, and our sensitivity.

Why Do We Dream?

The anti-conscience is a very powerful enemy that keeps trying to control our behavior. When it does, we become violent and cruel. The unconscious mind keeps trying to prevent this tragic end, helping us develop the positive characteristics of our personality. The fight between evilness (anti-conscience) and goodness (unconscious mind) is a constant battle in our psychological make-up.

Our human conscience is the target of the anti-conscience's attacks, and the aim of the unconscious psychotherapy is to prevent it from happening.

The anti-conscience wants to destroy our human conscience and take its place, while the unconscious mind tries to help our conscience evolve, and become stronger than our wild side.

The mysterious aspect of dreams is a camouflage that tries to mislead the dangerous anti-conscience, which must not understand the unconscious messages. We can study the symbolic dream language in order to understand these messages, but the anti-conscience will never manage to do the same because its intelligence is limited.

Another reason why the unconscious mind has to send us information in a symbolic form is the fact that our ego doesn't accept criticism.

The mysterious dream images usually reflect our behavior; showing us the mistakes we are making through a representation.

We need the mysterious atmosphere of the dream images because we cannot verify that we are wrong in a certain aspect of our lives without feeling revolted.

We have to understand how negative our behavior is without having a self-defensive reaction. Thus, the unconscious mind uses its artistic talent, showing us in an intriguing form the things that we don't want to admit.

When we translate the dream language into simple words that we can understand, we accept the unconscious criticism without becoming angry. We verify and understand that we are not being condemned for making mistakes, but that the unconscious wisdom is opening our eyes.

When the unconscious logic is comprehended, all the mystery disappears.

The confused dream images become known dream symbols. Everyone feels relieved for having the unconscious protection in their own dreams; everyone understands how privileged they are for mastering the symbolic dream language.

Dream Interpretation as a Science


You will verify much to your own surprise, that the value of your dreams will surpass your expectations. You'll discover many truths about your psychological content, about the part of the world that you live in, and about other people's personalities.

Solving Psychological Problems

Those who ignore the importance of dreams have never written their dreams down; otherwise they wouldn't dare declare that dreams have no meaning. Even without knowing how to translate the meaning of our dreams we observe that they follow a certain logic once we start reading our dream collection.

However, have in mind that in order to understand the meaning of your dreams, you must study the meaning of the dream symbols. This is like studying a foreign language.

Many people try interpreting dreams; believing that they can guess their meaning, but this is a very big mistake that must be avoided. Nobody can understand the meaning of a foreign language without studying its roots. Only Carl Jung managed to discover the hidden meaning of dreams because he made an arduous research. He looked for the symbolic meaning of the dream symbols found in the entire the history of humanity; within all civilizations.

I managed to continue his research and discovered how to cure all mental illnesses by following the unconscious guidance in dream messages. I discovered the saintly nature of the unconscious mind and the evil nature of the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience). This way, I could separate what is good from what is bad. Thus, affording me the ability to show you how to safely speculate the content of your psyche.

The basic meaning of all dream messages is protective. All warnings and predictions try to protect the human side of our conscience from the poisonous influence of the violent anti-conscience. Or, they try to open our eyes so that we may understand who our enemies are.

There are many types of dreams that give us information about many different aspects of reality.

We can learn everything we desire because the unconscious mind answers all our questions in dreams.

The recognition of the true importance of the meaning of dreams will completely change the mindset of our materialistic civilization.

Everyone will understand that there is a spiritual reality as important as the material one.

Religion, philosophy, and art will be considered as important as science, technology, and commerce.

Everyone will learn how to eliminate the negative components of their personalities and develop only the positive ones. Everyone will learn how to prevent diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, and other misfortunes by following the wise unconscious guidance in their dreams.

You can reap all the benefits given by this knowledge right now. You only need to respect the importance of dreams, and study the dream language with my simple and clear method of dream translation. My method is a simplification of Jung's complicated method of dream interpretation.

The practice of following the wisdom found in dreams will put you in a privileged position. You will be immune to the absurdity of our depressed civilization. You will develop a wise personality, and also be able to protect the people you love with your valuable knowledge.

Christina Sponias


Numerous Advantages to Learning The Dream Language

I verified that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a saintly character and can be completely trusted. All the evilness and the absurdity of the human mind come from the anti-conscience, our absurd wild conscience, that didn't evolve like our human side.

Thanks to this awareness, we can safely trust the unconscious guidance, and believe in dream predictions. Thus, we can discover many secrets that we would never learn otherwise.

We understand why something good or bad happens to us or, to somebody else, discovering the connection existent between our actions and our lives. We learn how to prepare the future results we desire, working with seriousness and caution. One of the most important secrets we discover when we translate the meaning of dreams is that we must take our lives very seriously. There are too many dangers threatening our happiness.

Once we understand this truth, we feel very grateful for mastering the dream language, and having the unconscious protection. We understand that those who are futile and neglect all dangers in life, are in a very difficult position.

With the consciousness we acquire, we become mature. We never act without thinking wisely, and without predicting the future results we'll get with our actions.

We also understand that other people live constantly influenced by their wild side. We learn how to detect in their behavior, important details that reflect their hidden thoughts. This way, we are able to predict their reactions.

We have numerous advantages once we learn how to translate the meaning of our dreams because we find constant support and guidance. Dreams are real treasures that help us in all ways, giving us extraordinary power thanks to the knowledge we acquire.

We become wiser with their wisdom. We transform our personality, living a meaningful life. At the same time, we attain spiritual perfection, finding true happiness.

The Meaning of All Dream Symbols

Dream symbols are images that have a specific meaning and tremendous psychological importance. While lengthy dreams without important dream symbols can be translated in just a few words, dreams that contain many dream symbols require many pages.

The psychological meaning of each dream symbol is related to what it represents for the dreamer, and at the same time, related to various characteristics each dreamer inherits for being a human being. A dream symbol sends many warnings, advice, and philosophical lessons to the dreamer.

Animals represent the most important dream symbols because they reflect our wild nature. We must tame the anti-conscience which is a huge part of our conscience that remains in a primitive condition.

By translating the meaning of our dreams we enter into contact with our animal nature. We recognize our animal reactions. We also enter into direct contact with the wise unconscious mind that answers all our questions.

When relating the most recent discoveries in the fields of biology, neurology and astronomy to the knowledge we acquire translating the meaning of our dreams, we have a clear vision of our wild nature, which must be tamed.

Our planet was prepared to work like a hospital for our absurd animal nature. Our dreams provide us with the best psychological treatment we could ever have because we need psychotherapy. We are very far from having sound mental health.

The lion is an important dream symbol that represents a strong hero, and at the same time, a selfish, violent, and demanding leader.

When you'll see a lion in a dream this usually means that someone else is a lion in your life. Everything depends on the details of the dream and on your life story, since you are the dreamer.

The lion can also represent yourself, depending on its position in the dream. You must be careful. Lions are violent. They have a positive meaning only when their heroic side is emphasized in the dream.

The comprehension of the meaning of your dreams is like the light of many lamps that gradually enlighten the darkness of your ignorance. This knowledge gives you support. It works like psychotherapy.

Many times, only by seeing an important dream symbol in a dream, you'll already understand what to do. For example, when you'll see a cat in a dream this means that you are being foolish.

You are not seeing something obvious. You must smarten up.

Think about the importance of this dream symbol. You have to relate its meaning to your daily life.

Suppose you believe that something unreal can become true. After seeing a cat in a dream you'll immediately understand that you are being foolish for believing that something so unreal could actually happen.

The Meaning Behind Dreams & Dream Power


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How to Succeed in All Fields

A Meaningful Life

You only have to study a little about the meaning of the dream symbols in order to start understanding the meaning of all dreams. This is your first step towards wisdom.

You'll eliminate the negative components of your personality and develop the positive ones.

Then, you'll pass through a process of mind development while attaining spiritual perfection at the same time.

A new meaningful life will give you hope and motivation.

The development of your sensitivity will feed your creativity and awaken your artistic talents. The comprehension of the value of spirituality will help you cultivate love in your heart. This is why you'll always show compassion to all human beings. Peace and perfect mental health will characterize your personality.

At this point you'll acquire extraordinary mind power. This means that you'll be able to solve the most difficult problems by finding solutions that previously seemed to be an impossible task.

The power to change the external reality and create the conditions you desire will be one of your most important assets. The power to positively influence other people will open all doors for you.

Working like a doctor and teacher, the unconscious mind will give you many clues in order to help you solve all problems. It will encourage you when you are right, or correct you when you are wrong. Then, the unconscious mind will show you how to discover a lot more; helping you learn how to evolve by following the same learning system.

Your superiority will transform you into a teacher and a helper in your community. Your wisdom will encourage and enlighten those who are weaker and never had the chance to develop their intelligence like you.

Since you'll be able to see all the hidden dangers and predict the future development of reality, you'll always know what you need in order to succeed in all fields.

This is why you'll live peacefully and happily. You'll find your perfect match, have a nice family, make many friends, make money, feel satisfied with yourself, and help our world become a better place with your example.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

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