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Help Haiti - Help Yourself

Updated on January 22, 2010

Motherless Children

Children waiting for help
Children waiting for help

Helping the Orphans of Haiti

The images streaming past us from every conceivable news source are appalling . The Haiti earthquake has devastated what was already one of the western hemisphere's poorest nations. Estimates of the loss of life continue to climb into the hundreds of thousands. How many of those killed were mothers? How many children are now motherless? Haiti's orphanges were already filled with children waiting to be adopted. If there is a silver lining in all of this, it must be that those children who were already in the process of being adopted are landing on U.S. soil by the planeloads. Sadly, they are making way for thousands more that are now orphaned. Workers from all over the world are struggling to keep these motherless children alive. Drinking water is scarce. Medical supplies are almost non-existent. Minor wounds that should be treatable may go untended leaving these children exposed to infections. Basic supplies - food and clothing - are desperately needed. Don't stand by and count on someone else to do something. Donate something - anything you have is more than they have right now. A single dollar can provide water to keep a child alive. We are all struggling through a tough economic time here, but I assure you that you will help yourself by helping Haiti.


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