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heritage not hate

Updated on June 27, 2012

The Southern cross banned?!?!?!

I hear, and I'm sure you do to, about public schools banning the image of the confederate flag. in my opinion, well i cant say that on line but it just aint right. That flag has been around long before me, or you, or any one else alive on this planet, and it aint going no where for a good long time. that flag doesn`t just represent the actions of our forefathers, but the way all of the people who still believe in it live and are raised.

This flag represent the way of life for me and countless others. There are so many people who are passionate about this and will give 6 hour lectures about it. Thats not my goal. I want to educate you so that you to see that it is heritage not hate.

wether you believe in it or not, the stars and bars represented a nation that fought indirectly for slavery. They fought for the way they were used to living, and unfortunately slavery was part of of that way of life. But did you know that not one slave ship flew the c.s.a. flag? They all flew the flag of the united states of america. I my self and a hardcore patriot, but the united state has done some gruesome things to undeserving people. No matter the reason, it was still and act that defied human rights. But despite all of these things we still fly that flag with extreme pride and dignity. Not good enough?, need another reason?

Freedom of expression, one of thoese few inalienable right written out to us in the us constitution. and this is the document that lays out the foundation for the country we all know and love. so why take away a symbol of there culture? Well there isn't a reason. Its wrong, Its unconstitutional, and it is straight unfair. Dont hate what you dont understand.

Now in the word of so many people before me "leave us good ole country boys alone". I hope ive helped clear up any misconceptions about this culture that is often hated and scrutinized but the media and general public to the point of sheer hatred from any one who sees the flag, and leads to actions and often violence towards the people who wear the southern cross. God bless you all.


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    • profile image

      Mine 2 years ago

      As a native american the current american flag represents complete genocide. The southern flag dose not. The USA flag to me is no different then a nazi flag. The stars are bars are.

    • modern-redneck profile image

      modern-redneck 5 years ago from Macon, GA

      i grew up with the c.s.a. flag. many others grew up right beside me with that same flag. in the minds of those who were raised with that flag, it is linked to where we come from, and the way we are used to living, just as the south in the civil war fought to preserve there way of life. as to your question of why this flag over any other, i have my own theory. i believe that it started as a few rebels that never got the word that the war ended. so they continued there campaign threw the southern states. the eventually either got word they lost and couldn't let go, or settled down thinking the war was still on, either way they raised there children to preserve there way of life, and gain what they originally fought for. as new generations were born the flag was the only thing able to remain constant as traditions are going to change no matter what change. sry this was so long but i had to get this out there. it really is just heritage not hate.

    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Well, I'd certainly be open for discussion on this topic. You say this flag represents your way of life, how is that so? Also, why feel a particular preference for this specific flag as opposed to a past version of your state's flag or a different flag, in general? What is special, specifically, about this one that trumps the significance of another that was hailed by people exactly the same as those who hail the flag in question?

      Freedom of expression is certainly important and should be protected here, without a doubt. The same goes with the Nazi flag or a flag with a cross on it or a flag meaning anything else imaginable. But, unlike the others, do you feel that this flag symbolizes something unrelated to any sense of race or politics?