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history of oxfam

Updated on October 4, 2009
Oxfam international logo
Oxfam international logo


Oxfam opened one of the world’s first charity shop chains starting with a shop in Oxford in 1948.

It roots are with a famine relief committee, for Greek victims of war, based in Oxford in 1942.

Current Organisation

Oxfam is an international business, with a consolidated group of 13 organisations, around the world, who all joined together to form Oxfam International.

The fundamental idea of people donating things for free, still keeps the group functioning.

Oxfam GB work with over 20,000 volunteers across the UK, in their shops & outlets.

They raise together £17.1 million towards helping Oxfam.

Oxfam Mission

Oxfam initially was concern with the provision of food to help relieve famine.
Oxfam stratagies to help people has expanded to specifically giving people of developing countries, the tools they need to expand their own efforts in food production, and medicine.

They also work with the poorer regions of the world to create fair trade agreements, so that the goods from those regions can be sold at fair prices, and the producers can keep more profit, rather than the exploitation that currently happens.

They also campaign heavily to expand their messages & ideas throughout the world, and deploy poeople & resources in areas of natural disasters, and conflicts.

Some of the other categories that oxfam deal with are

  • Trade justice
  • Education
  • Debt aid
  • Health
  • Hiv/Aids
  • Climate change
  • Animal cruelty.

What methods do you prefer to help donate to Oxfam?

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