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Homemade Teddy Bears for Charity

Updated on September 20, 2014

Billion Bears Charity Drive

When I first heard about the Squidoo Summer Sunshine Award for Charity, I wondered why I hadn't thought about making a lens before now, to let everyone know all about the BILLION BEARS CHARITY DRIVE?

If you haven't heard about this 'beary special' Charity Drive, let me fill you in...

Get the FREE Teddy Pattern here.
Get the FREE Teddy Pattern here.

A quick history, then I'll explain how it works!

I get so many requests for donations from charitable causes, and EVERY request makes me feel terrible because I cannot help everyone I would like to. Lots of people think I am a large company
but it is just ME, working from home. People don't seem to realise that I cannot donate loads of cash or products when I don't even make a living myself from my business!

Having said all that, I realised that there is a genuine need for something quick and simple (and cute!) to make for fund-raising charities so I decided to put on my thinking cap on to see what I could do to help.

When I set up my business, I was advised to have my toy patterns protected by international copyright, which has been done to protect against my designs being mass-produced... so I needed to have an official means of using my FREE Teddy Pattern for charity so that people can make and sell as many Teddies as they can physically make without breaching any copyright! Sooooooo , with this in mind, I set up the 'Billion Bears' Charity Drive as an official means of "giving something back" for all the joy I have got out of my little business.


(As always, there have to be some do's and don'ts.)


What CAN be done with the Honey Easy Teddy Pattern:

Anyone who has received the Honey Teddy Bear Pattern as my thank-you gift for signing up for my Funky Friends Factory newsletter, (or who has purchased the pattern), may use this pattern, to make as many Honey Bears as they can, for ANY OFFICIAL CHARITY of their choice -


* The aim is to get to one BILLION - there's no time limit on this! : )

What CANNOT be done with the Honey Easy Teddy Pattern:

Please remember that I am giving permission for
the pattern to be used for charitable purposes only and there are things that cannot be done with the pattern,
........even though I am giving it away for free!

1. The Honey Teddy Pattern cannot be reproduced, distributed or sold.
( EVEN to raise funds for a legitimate charity.)

2. The Honey Teddy Pattern cannot be mass-produced/ reproduced by photocopying or printing.

(Anyone and EVERYONE is welcome to get their own official copy of the pattern from the website.)

*** Please refer to the COPYRIGHT INFORMATION below for details: ***

The FunkyFriendsFactory patterns, toys, concepts & logo are protected by international copyright protection. It is acceptable to make these toys for personal use and gifts, or to sell in limited numbers, IF you make the toy yourself from start to finish AND the toy you make is labelled or tagged 'Made from a pattern'.
It is unacceptable to mass-produce the toys or to duplicate, photocopy or reproduce the patterns, in any form. [®© 070630 Copyright Protection Services International.]
Copyright © 2001 Funky Friends Factory.

Billion Bears feature in Country Threads Magazine!


I was recently blown away by the 2 page article in Country Threads Magazine! I have had the most heart-warming response to the Funky Friends Factory Billion Bears Charity Drive from all over the world!!!

It seems that using the free Honey Teddy is a brilliant way to combine craft and charity! Now everyone can help the charity of their choice by either donating the teddies they have made for needy children, or to children's charities like Ronald McDonald Houses, or to use in charity fundraiders, to sell to raise funds to help all any charity.

Charities to donate your FINISHED teddies to...

These charities accept and distribute finished toys and are always in need of children's toys.

Children's Charities to donate the proceeds of your Honey Teddy sales...

You can donate the actual teddy bears to charity or sell them at markets to raise money to donate to a charity of your choice. Here are some children's charities that you can donate to.

Animal Charities that can benefit too...

Animal shelters can benefit too from our crafty endeavours!

Other crafty projects for charity...

If you don't sew, knitting or crochetting can be another way to do something crafty for charity and help a great cause too!

Beary heart felt Contributions or comments... - Let me know how many bears you are donating, and to which charity...

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      HI pauline,

      Iwas looking for a simple little bear I could make for my friends 2 little grandsons ages one and two. The one year old was just diagnosed with leukemia. We have a prayer shawl ministry at our church but we don't have anything for the little ones. I plan to have my honey bears blessed before giving them to these two little boys.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Teddy bears have been a favorite toy since the beginnings of the twentieth century. Teddy bears were developed at about the same time in both America and Germany. In America, the toys were based on a cartoon involving President Theodore Roosevelt, and became a favorite of society women. teddy bear

    • sushilkin lm profile image

      sushilkin lm 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such a nice lens.

    • javr profile image

      javr 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I totally support this cause!

    • FunkyFriendsFac profile image

      FunkyFriendsFac 6 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks everyone - the more Teddy Bears the merrier! : )

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 7 years ago

      Nice caring lens - good luck with all your endevours!

    • FunkyFriendsFac profile image

      FunkyFriendsFac 7 years ago

      Wow Sue, just read your comment - that's awesome! Have fun making and giving your bears! : ) All the best,


    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I will be making 20 bears for the K.Mart Christmas Tree Apeal this year.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for the wonderful teddy pattern

      Every year i make 100 toys for the K.Mart Christmas tree appeal here in Australia, and i am thrilled to add your bears this year. Thanks again for a lovely pattern.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I can't sew , but a brilliant idea!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Hi Pauline,

      I love the idea you have come up with to make your contribution to charities (to a bigger impact than you could have individually). My plan is to use the honey bear pattern to make bears to add to shoe boxes of gifts for children in 3rd world countries - a project run by Samaritans Purse that my youth group supports. I will send you details (& hopefully photos) so you can add them to the tally for your billion bear challenge. Have a great day :)