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Veterans Day - Honoring & Remembering our Veterans

Updated on November 23, 2016

Forever proud ... Forever thankful ...

As the mother of a U.S. Marine, I eagerly anticipate two special days at the end of each year as we recognize both the U. S. Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day on November 10th and November 11th, respectively. Of course, my pride as a military mom is obvious to anyone who knows me, and supporting all our Troops at home and abroad has become a very important and dedicated part of my life. Putting politics aside, and whether I agree or disagree with our involvement in current conflicts, or any war past or possibly in the future, it is a personal belief that our fighting men and women should be held in respectful and grateful regard. Whether having been drafted or volunteered into service, whether having served abroad or in the homeland, recognition for a job done should be given.

Veterans Day brings out the Red, White and Blue of my complexion, and I am an excited flag-waver and picture-taker as our local veterans, veteran groups, local merchants and school bands, all parade along Market Street in downtown San Jose, California. San Jose has a great Veterans Day parade each year, and my husband and I rarely miss the event. (Actually, when our kids were "kids" we participated in one way or another ... boy scouts, karate and band). I will admit, in recent years I now watch the Veterans Day Parade with greater emotion and sometimes tears, and not just because my youngest son is a Marine. With each year's parade, my husband and I meet, greet and see Veterans of our generation, Vietnam Veterans, who are finally being given the respect and recognition they so deserve, but were never really given upon their return to civilian life. My husband is among those returning Vietnam Vets who were not welcomed home with gratitude or understanding. Also, as I watch the festivities my heart aches a little more each time, realizing that the number of our eldest veterans, our living World War II and Korean War Veterans, will lessen with each passing year. My dad, several uncles and my father-in-law all served during WWII ... all have passed on ... and each one is sorely missed.

One last thought ...

When my son first became a Marine, I was asked on more than a few occasions ... "Why?" I found it best to respond with my own question, "If not my son, then who? If not my son then who shall we prepare to defend our nation?"

I personally have made a habit of greeting and thanking any Veteran I meet or recognize throughout the year. November, however, is the month to celebrate and proclaim our gratitude for blessings throughout the year. Please remember to include our Veterans of our Armed Forces in your thoughts and prayers during November. And, on November 11th, shake some hands, give some hardy thank-yous, because the smiles you will receive in return are priceless.


Today ... as a Veteran

.... Once again I look forward to honoring and celebrating our Veterans on November 11th. I have tried all this year to keep this page updated with new and pertinent material, articles, videos and links of interest to veterans and those who faithfully support our Vets. I will continue to work on this page each year in hopes that others will return to it and find it useful and informative.

My son is now a Veteran ... in 2013 he completed his 5 years of active duty as a United States Marine. My family are all very proud of him and we are happy to have him home again. I am thankful that my son returned home from his deployment in the Sand, and I am reminded everyday that other sons and daughters who served this great nation did not return home to loved ones. I will always have Our Fallen in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Three Generations of Veterans

Three generations of U.S. Marines
Three generations of U.S. Marines | Source

A Place to Remember and Honor our Fallen

Freedom Remembered

You may pay your respects and honor the memory of our Military Fallen at Freedom Remembered.


For Those I Love ...

PFC Kyle Hockenberry on Operation Ward 57
PFC Kyle Hockenberry on Operation Ward 57

Operation Ward 57 - Support for Wounded Armed Services Members and their Families

You can click on the picture above to learn more about PFC Hockenberry and the day this picture was taken.

I first saw this picture of PFC Kyle Hockenberry on Operation Ward 57's Facebook Page. I immediately started crying, and still each time I look at it, my eyes start to well with tears. Operation Ward 57 is a non-profit organization supporting wounded soldiers and their loved ones. They also celebrate each wounded veteran's "Alive Day."

Check out their website at:

Operation Ward 57

Check out their Facebook Page at:

Facebook Operation Ward 57

History of Veterans Day - The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month ...


Found on Amazon - All about Veterans Day and Veterans

Moment of Truth ... - Welcome Home!

Photo: copyright jeannerene
Photo: copyright jeannerene

Red, White and Blue Support on November 11th


The Military Wallet


Veterans Day is soon approaching and there are many restaurants and companies who want to thank our veterans by providing them with discounts or a free meal. To those companies offering veterans a free meal or discount, the military community gives a collective thanks!"

Here's a few places that are offering free meals to Active Military and Veterans on Veterans Day 2013: Applebees, Golden Corral & Max and Ermma's. I will update the list as more participating restaurants are known.

Golden Corral served over 375,000 free meals to Veterans on Veterans Day 2012. You are awesome Golden Corral!

To all our Veterans, It is an honor to thank you for serving our country.

Two veterans greet each other.
Two veterans greet each other.
Dad was always proud to be a Seabee
Dad was always proud to be a Seabee

Thanks a lot!

Remembering Our Personal Heroes

Eugene W. Rose ... or as he often referred to himself "EWR" ...

This is my favorite picture of my dad. It was taken ... I believe ... in 1942. My dad served a total of 30 years as a Navy Seabee and he loved every single minute of those 30 years.

Most kids learn the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Old McDonald had a Farm" as a toddler, but not me. I had every military anthem memorized before I could probably count ... lol...!

My dad will always be my first and foremost hero!

Please feel free to share in the comments box your thoughts or memories of a special veteran in your life. :)

World War II Veterans


Picture from one of many Memorial Day ceremonies. Dad is on the right. Every Memorial Day my dad participated in a ceremony held at Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose. We all joined him and he was especially thrilled to have his grandchildren observe the memorial ceremony. When it came time for my dad to place one of the wreaths in front of the podium, he saluted beautifully .... slow, steady ... with pride and gratitude. I truly miss being with him on Memorial Day.

Thanks a lot! Honoring fathers of special friends ...

Prentice Mathis - United States Army
Prentice Mathis - United States Army
Koso Kanemoto - United States 8th Army, GHQ Military Intelligence Service
Koso Kanemoto - United States 8th Army, GHQ Military Intelligence Service
Dwight Watson - United States Navy WWII ... My father-in-law whose older brother was KIA during WWII. Dwight's oldest son and his grandson (my eldest son) are both namesakes of the brother lost at war.
Dwight Watson - United States Navy WWII ... My father-in-law whose older brother was KIA during WWII. Dwight's oldest son and his grandson (my eldest son) are both namesakes of the brother lost at war.
Claude Cordova - United States Army He landed on Omaha Beach on D-day, June 6, 1944, his birthday!
Claude Cordova - United States Army He landed on Omaha Beach on D-day, June 6, 1944, his birthday!

George T. "Joe" Sakato - WWII Veteran, Company E, 442nd Regimental Combat Team

Honor Memorial Day

Brass Dog Tags for Fallen Soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
Brass Dog Tags for Fallen Soldiers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom | Source

Veterans Day Tribute Video

This a wonderful Veterans Day Tribute video ... some of the images will be familiar, but as tribute it is one of the most moving I've found online. Remember our Veterans every November 11th!

Share a photo of a special Veteran in your life!

Veteran Photos

Many of us have precious photographs of beloved Veterans in our family or among our friends. Take time this Veterans Day to take a look at those photos ... a grandfather or grandmother, a dad, a mom, a brother, an uncle, aunt, sister, cousin, wife or husband, a friend from childhood or a new friend ... then if you can share your photo on a favorite website so others many honor and thank your special Veteran.

Don't keep your special Veteran's photo hidden in an album or box. Frame it, hang it on the wall, place it on the mantle or nightstand. Freedom has been served and held strong because of the faces in those frames.

"The War at Home" - Josh Groban (U.S. Military Tribute)

Literature and more - Homeless Veterans

Current statistics on Homeless Veterans as supplied by National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

13% of the homeless adult population are veterans

20% of the male homeless population are veterans

68% reside in principal cities

32% reside in suburban/rural areas

51% of individual homeless veterans have disabilities

50% have serious mental illness

70% have substance abuse problems

51% are white males, compared to 38% of non-veterans

50% are age 51 or older, compared to 19% non-veterans

Having lived in my lifetime in major U.S. cities I have seen many homeless veterans on the streets. I always am overcome with sadness and a feeling of guilt that I should be doing something to help, more than just supporting my local Veterans Center.

PTSD AWARENESS - June is PTSD Awareness Month

Photo: copyright jeannerene
Photo: copyright jeannerene

A Personal Request

This is a personal request. My family, my son were touched by the tragedy of PTSD in late 2012, just before the holidays. Our family friend, and my son's best friend and fellow Marine became a casualty of war, taking his own life, after having struggled with PTSD once returning home. Please support our combat Veterans and understand that the war does not end for them just because they walk through the front door at home. Love, support, understand and help .... listen to our returning combat Veterans. Thank you.

Veteran's Poems and Books - Certainly a place to stop and reflect on the experiences and memories as written by our Veterans.

This is Honor Flight

I just can't help crying each time I see a video of a WWII Veteran on an Honor Flight. I am humbled by the courage of our WWII Veterans, men and women, and I am forever grateful for their service and sacrifice and for so honorably defending our nation.

I wish that my dad, Eugene ... my father-in-law, Dwight .... my Uncle Joe and my Uncle Gene all would have lived to have been able to know about and go on an Honor Flight. When I watch this video, I can picture them all on the plane and see in their eyes how much it would have meant to them. I am sure, however, that they are there in spirit.

Many thanks to those responsible for creating Honor Flights.

Agent Orange Aftermath - Vietnam Veterans Speak

Agent Orange Aftermath - Vietnam Veterans Speak Out - Vietnam: The Secret Agent

This is an excellent video discussing the continuing effects of Agent Orange on the families of those who served during the Vietnam War. The video specifically deals with the effects of Agent Orange on the children of Vietnam Veterans. Mokie Porter of Vietnam Veterans of American is featured in this excerpt from the excellent documentary, Vietnam: The Secret Agent.


Welcome Home

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 2008

Thank you, Troops, for protecting our freedoms. It is a gift you have given us, your fellow citizens, each day while serving our nation.


Veterans Day Recognition Poll - Do you or don't you honor Veterans Day each year ...

San Jose CA ... copyright: jeannerene
San Jose CA ... copyright: jeannerene

How do you honor Veterans Day each November 11th?

See results
Vietnam Women's Memorial - National Mall, Washington DC
Vietnam Women's Memorial - National Mall, Washington DC
Vietnam Women's Memorial - National Mall, Washington DC
Vietnam Women's Memorial - National Mall, Washington DC

Women Veterans - Tradition, Service, Pride

Future Marine wearing his Grandpa's uniform. (1994)

My son at 8 years old wearing Grandpas uniform. ((1994)
My son at 8 years old wearing Grandpas uniform. ((1994)

.... for and about Veterans

Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall - November 9th-12th, 2011 Cupertino CA at the Cupertino Memorial Park


The Traveling Wall

Click on picture above to be taken to Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall page.

I've never been to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall in DC, but a trip to The Wall is planned after my husband and I both retire. Last year (Veterans Day 2011) we did have the opportunity to see the Traveling Wall. I had gone on November 9th to see the Traveling Wall welcomed to Cupertino CA and being escorted into the park by local Patriot Guard Riders!!

The Wall Song

Quoted from YouTube:

"The Wall Song is a tribute born out of the kindred creative spirits of poet Judy Gorman King and songwriters Mitch Townley and Brad Dunse. Mitch heard Judy present her poem, The Spirit Of The Wall, at a Nashville benefit for homeless veterans in March, 2008. She gave him permission to use the poem as the inspirational foundation for the song. Mitch invited his good friend, singer/songwriter Brad Dunse to collaborate with him and the project was underway. The Wall Song was recorded in Nashville in July, 2008 by artist J.P. Williams and produced by Chip Martin."

Patriot Guard
Patriot Guard | Source
Veterans Day Parade,  San Jose CA
Veterans Day Parade, San Jose CA | Source

E.W.Rose ... 102nd Naval Construction Battalion - WWII

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

For Your Information

Copyright * Permission to Use * Public Domain

I have provided a copyright for my personal photos. Some graphics on this lens have been created from photos my son gave me during his deployment in the Sand. Photos of Veteran family and friends are either mine or given to me by family or friend with the permission to use.

All other photos or graphics used on this lens are in the Public Domain.

Veterans Day - Honoring and Remembering our Veterans

© Jeanne Rene (ForEverProud)


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