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Houston Private Detectives And The Technology They Use

Updated on March 24, 2011

The roles of a Houston private detective change as technology forms new ways of communicating, stealing, and deceiving others on a civil and criminal level. The old art of tracking someone down to gather evidence is still done with digital cameras, and long lenses, but most people already show their dirty laundry online, and these investigators use all Internet media platforms to expedite data collecting for their clients with seemingly easy methods. Just like with installing cameras in a work place, employees will become accustomed to each eye in the sky, and forget about their presence. When this happens they relax and go back to their counter productive or thieving ways right in front of the lens.

Houston Private Investigators Use Social Media

Social media is very similar, and people sitting in traffic updating their Facebook page with their iPhone or Blackberry have a sense of false privacy, and comfort that has been created by their own doing. All it takes is for a private investigator Houston TX to make the person they are collecting information about, a friend, and they are off to the races. This will allow them to befriend all of the people in their list, and essentially, they have bugged their target, and only have to wait for intelligence gathering. This form of communication is perfect for catching cheating husbands, and wives, and usually they do not realize what they have done until it is too late.

Houston Private Detective Photo

Houston Private Detective Agency
Houston Private Detective Agency

Using Private Investigators In Houston TX

There are other methods that these hired security experts’ use to eavesdrop drop on spouses, employees, and even business partners. Keyboard trapping, has been successful for many years, and allows a third party to simply plug in a thumb drive to a computer, and it uploads software that runs in the background to trap whatever is being executed on that particular computer. Sure, a private citizen can do this on their own, but when presenting the evidence with an attorney in a civil matter, it is best to involve an unbiased third party to retrieve this type of damning information.

Private Investigator Houston TX

Preventing Employee Theft With New Bugging Software

Today phone bugging is at a new level as well, software can be used on company landlines, and cell phones, to listen in for specific keywords that will trigger alerts to the employer, or the investigator handling the case. This type of software has been in use for marketing purposes for years, and now is being used to prevent corporate espionage, employee theft of goods, and time, plus letting the employer know if a particular person is going to be leaving the company soon, and possibly taking propriety information, or clients with them when they leave.


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      Texas Process Server 6 years ago

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