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How a female friend of mine handled divorce

Updated on October 1, 2012

How a female friend of mine handled divorce

Divorce is not easy especially with the court proceedings and all .However, if the marriage is twelve years old and has yielded two children, the problem is more complex. This was the situation she found herself and was able to handle it with gusto. Read some of her secrets.


When it ends
When it ends

How a female friend of mine handled divorce

How a single mother buried the stress of divorce

Listen Mr Bonaventure, divorce is not easy ,don't look at some people who put up a brave face as if it is easy. When you have lived with someone for years ,you begin to miss the good side of their absence .At any rate ,when two little innocent kids are involved, the problem becomes more complex. People has been praising and commending my resolve to make things work and i would like to share my secrets with you guys.This are some of them

Sort out the finance

This was the first issue we sorted out ,we agreed how much my ex- husband would be dropping on the table on a monthly basis.He kept to his obligation and doesn't wait to be dragged to courts before he pays. This was possible because i didn't decide to profit from the situation by making unreasonable demands. Secondly, in-order to save cost and exorcise his shadow that seems to follow me around in the house, we sold our apartment and bought a smaller place.

Read and read

I bought and read a lot of books by relationship experts concerning divorce and how to overcome it . Most of the ideas and knowledge that made it easier for me were gleaned from the books.

Deal with it

I took on my role as the mother and father with zeal and started doing that without grudges. Apart from that i also started liking it .I didn't use any excuse to dodge any responsibility and issues are sorted out when they arise . The stress from the divorce proceeding took a toll on me and i developed a new found love for charity work. This absorbs most of my free time and i didn't have enough time to ruminate over the divorce.

Dad is still Dad

Unlike some women who would move around singing like a bird about how they were delivered from evil . I never spoke ill of my husband,not to my children nor to anyone . He was still their beloved Dad and was allowed to visit them most weekends .Moreover the children were also free to visit and spend some weekends with him. The only problem i have sometime is the emotions attached to his visits.

No Over-pampering

I didn't handle them with kids-glove like an average mother would do out of love. I enforced discipline the way it was done by their father . Although sometimes they believe i was a bit harsher than their father but i made them to like it .

There are many other ways of overcoming divorce depending on the peculiar circumstance .It is also good to seek advice from experts either physically or through books . I believe if i did it ,you can too.


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