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How Ben Franklin Junto Club Keeps On Giving To Posterity _A Success Model Hometown USA

Updated on June 3, 2013

Ben Franklin & Legacy Of Innovation --Junto Club

Intro: In late 1726, young Ben Franklin had returned to Philadelphia after his two years stay in England. In 1727, he had quit his old job as a printer and he and his partner now waited for the new press to arrive. It was during this period, Ben Franklin started his self-improvement and conversation club that later became known as the JUNTO.

There were 12 founding members, individuals, mostly like himself who were engaged in printing and allied trades. There were four questions that each initiate to the club had to answer before being admitted to the club. There was also a 24 point "guideline" that Ben Franklin offered as a guide to "conversations".

A number of "practical" practices we have today actually come down to us today, a legacy of the work of the Junto. For example, "Volunteer Fire Fighters" was first conceived and implemented by Junto members under leadership of Franklin. The first "subscription library" was founded. And an "academy" that eventually became today's University of Pennsylvania.

Discussions at the Junto events for example were to be conducted "without fondness for dispute or desire for victory". For more knowledge about Ben Franklin, two great books, both available at the public library are recommended. "Benjamin Franklin, An American Life" by Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster, 2003, and "Franklin, The Essential Founding Father" by James Srodes, Regenery Publishing Inc, 2002.

"Working to connect past, present, and future" through arts & science. Twin Innovators

Does this Ben Franklin's heritage "success model" of "Junto Club" have vintage wisdom for us here in America in search of innovation & prosperity today and tomorrow ? Answer: Yes, yes ! .

Photo Gallery__Ben Franklin Junto Club - A Journal From Colonia Era America

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A Heritage Success Model Hometown USA


Here is a possible Preamble For A Junto Club Inspired at Your Hometown & Mine :

As a founding member of this free association (informal club), in pursuit of our art & science in community television production and also in life, we so commit to three guide principals as inspired by the legacy of a founding father of America at Innovation 1776. His name is Ben Franklin.

Here is our "commitment":

(1) Practice self-help

(2) Engage as possible in mutual-help among members & community to which each of us belong.

(3) Practice, support, and encourage community service

So we commit, founding members, as did Ben Franklin and his fellow twelve founding members of the Leather Apron Club (Junto) in the year 1727 when young Ben Franklin returned to Philadelphia from England. In the following year, he started his own printing business when the new printing press that he ordered finally arrived.

Twin Innovators

Heritage Music Circle

Ben Franklin's Legacy of Innovation & "Success Model" such as the Junco Club Still Useful Today - A Club For Self-Help and Mutual Help Makes a Lot of Sense


Ben Franklin Started in Printing Business at age 21 and that's when he also Started the Junto Club along with other artisans lik


YouTube--Café Twin Conversation #4 Fairfax C2C : Fairfax Resolve Part B - Qualiy Life Style Hometown USA

The Sea via Arts and Science Bridge--Cafe Twin - Conversations Fairfax VA C2C


Please search Internet on following topic for community to community link Fairfax_Tidewater

Internet Search Topic: "Fairfax Tidewater Twin Bridge"

(By The Sea__Arts and Science Bridge)

Folk Music Voice__Brian The Folksinger - Old Town Alexandria


Welcome to Alexandria Northern Virginia Community.

Colonial America still lives !

Please search internet for following topic for Community to Community Link proposal

at Fairfax Conversation Community to Community

Internet Search Topic:

Fairfax Richmond France Ambassadors

Self Help and Mutual Help ! Your comments appreciated here and most welcome !

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    • waldenthreenet profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Value of web based JUNTO can be if such can support community based activities where innovators can come together over dinner, breakfast, in small groups as is necessary. I think the crowdfunding webbased network is most valuable that technology allows now. But then that is not a JUNTO model but can supplement. Makes sense ?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You should join, it's a web based JUNTO that forms for each user a personalized network out of all the users on the site. As you use it, Pericles organically strengthens connections between you and others who can benefit you and prioritizes their contributions to maximize the return you get on your time.


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