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How Do You Use Your Privilege to Deconstruct Privilege?

Updated on September 28, 2017

how do you use your privilege to deconstruct privilege

Living in a country like South Africa, 20 years after Apartheid you need understand that it is not easy to just simply move on. People have become costumed to blaming Apartheid for many problems within society, and rightfully so. It is the imbedded institutionalised racism that still exist today that makes it harder for people to 'just move on'.

Privilege is a sensitive issue in todays society, and many people refuse to acknowledge their place within society. Because white people were previously advantaged it is clearly seen that they still hold majority of the power in our society, socially. White privilege is a clear example of why we haven't fully broken the barrier of segregation between races. Being born white automatically puts you in a better position as another person of colour. The stigmas attached to people of colour has not been broken and it will continue to steal African identity as long as it exist.

Many people believe that black privilege is created through BBBEE and through the pity created by Apartheid. But this is not true as having white privilege means you will always have a better opportunity than a black person, having white privilege is A state of mind, it is the actions made by you and other people towards you that create that barrier.

Instead of donating once to a orphanage you don't even know the name of, you could use your privilege to help build a more sustainable education. Help society be aware of their actions and their impact.

Be self aware of your thoughts and actions at all times, for a action as simple as rolling your window up when a black man is begging on the other side is a sign of offense, clutching your bag as you walk closer towards someone of colour is the very action that is causing the segregation between races.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. But if you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart" - Nelson Mandela

I think this quote is so relevant because people of colour have been forced to speak the language of a white man, and its time you learned our language. Being aware of your privilege and taking action is such an important step for our country to take in order for us to move forward.

© 2017 Ashton


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    • ashtonbotha profile image

      Ashton 5 months ago from South Africa, cape town

      this is from a perspective of the youth