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How i intergrated my adopted child into the family

Updated on November 27, 2012

How i intergrated my adopted child into the family

To add an adopted child into a family were there are other little one around is no child's play . Any wrong precedent set would be difficult to wish away . This is why anyone who would like to adopt a child should be acquainted with adoption best practices in-order to make informed decisions when it becomes necessary


adoption stories
adoption stories

How i intergrated my adopted child into the family

Being an adopted child is no child's play ,especially if there are other attention seeking little ones in the family .Any wrong precedent set at the beginning would be hard to be wished away .It is worst if the adopted child doesn't yet know the reason why they have to share someone elses parents . This is how i made my adopted child part of the family .

Get everyone involved

During the adoption processes ,all my family members were made aware of the situation and they all understood the need for a new member of the family . They were taught why it was necessary and they realized the importance .

Like at first sight

It is no secret that there are children everyone would like to play with even when we don't feel like.This could be because of their looks or smartness .In the same way ,there are kids most people play with just to make the mother happy .We went for an adorable child and my family loved her instantly from the word go.


The child was young when we adopted her and this makes her adaptation easier .There is an age a child would reach and they would become used to the total institution and it could be difficult for them to be integrated into a normal family setting .


We looked for a child that would complement what we already have . We went exactly for the gender my kids wanted .

Lay down the laws

It was made a taboo for anyone including my kids to maltreat or taunt her as children would do when they are jealous. The adopted child shared everything equally with the other kids and instead of getting less ,the child gets more .This made her feel more connected that she no -longer remembers her adoption issues .

Don't over-pamper

Although we tried our best to make the child feel at home like a biological child ,we never over did it .She receives punishment whenever necessary and her request are rejected whenever it deserves rejection .

All this knowledge i used to make the adopted child part of the family was garnered over the years through a lot of books i read on adoption .This made it easier for me to integrate my adopted child into the family .This is why it is good for anyone who is desirous of adoption to read and read books dedicated to adoption best practices in order to make informed decisions when the child finally arrives

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