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How to be a blogger

Updated on September 27, 2017

Being a Blogger

Blogging can be limitless, in a sense that you can write a limitless number of posts on a specific subject, but if you can write can you be a blogger? Yes, in my opinion, you can. However, being a blogger takes a lot of discipline and dedication, it can be limitless. Have you ever thought of being a blogger and how limitless it could be? Probably not, but it can be limitless with a number of different ideas and the limitless number of things you need to do in order to get your blog off the ground, as well as the limitless number of different topics for a specific genre of writing. I am going to describe how to be a blogger and go into grave detail about what is good to write. Also, the number of hours you put into your blog will turn into something that you do limitlessly.

It also describes how updating your blog on a daily basis, will help you get more followers and help you get noticed more throughout your blog. Isn't that what blogs are meant for, to help people who write them get noticed. This post describes how to be a blogger and what is good to write, and how many posts people should do a week. The more people post to their blog site and if they do it properly then the more people will be able to view their blog and follow it. The more followers you have for your blog the better your blog is.

Have your friends share your blog on all the social networks they are involved in, that way you get more views for your blog. When you are out with people to mention that you have a blog and give them the link to it. Even if you tell them by word of mouth, people will look into your blog, and the more people look into it the better it is for you. So if you write a blog post and it isn't being featured why not go back and edit it, don't worry about how many times you need to edit, if it takes a while to get it featured then the work is well worth it when it is featured.

How to be a blogger the pictures tell the story
How to be a blogger the pictures tell the story

How To Be A Blogger

I know that I am very new at this blogging thing. Before I got involved in it, however, I did a lot of research, in my research I found that you can blog about anything and everything. First of all you need to find a blogging site, which fits with what you are going to be talking about.

When picking a blog site, you have to take into account the amount of traffic the site you are using will get for your blog. Don’t just pick the first, blogging site you see. You need to research it before you do anything, some blog sites might not work for what you are trying to use them for where others work. Research is key when looking for a blog site to start your blog. Read the comments people post on the site, make sure you take a look at the conditions the site has, in regards to how it can and can’t be used.

Blogging isn’t as easy as people might think. If you are using a paid blog, you may or may not get paid for your first few posts, but that doesn’t mean you give up. That just means you try harder, and in the end, something good will come of it. For example using a paid blog, maybe the first few times you post you don’t get paid, but continue to post on that site, and eventually, you will be paid. You just have to wait, although people hate hearing that it is the truth. If you wait, something good will come of it. When you become a blogger don’t just post once a week and leave it at that, post a couple times a week, because the more you post to your blog, the more people can read. The more you post the more you will be noticed on the site. Getting noticed on the blog site you are using is the key to using it. That is why updating your blog with new blogs, every couple days is good. If you don’t update your blog, people won’t read it and if you do update it, people will frequent it more since they know that you have new things to say.

Blogging is a great way, to express yourself. When I first thought of blogging I was a little leery about it because I didn’t know how to do it. After reading other peoples, blogs and seeing what they wrote I had a better understanding of how to do it. I figured that I would give it a shot. I have been blogging for a week so far and I love it. There are so many different things that I can write about. The more you write the more people will notice you. I have posted about three blog posts already. Being a blogger can be both a reward and a challenge. I say it can be both because the reward is seeing how many people view your blog and the comments that are left regarding it. The challenge however with blogging is figuring out what to write, in order to keep people coming back to view your blog.

Unless people try to blog they might not know how difficult it is or how easy it can be. Trying things out for the first time is the only way people can figure out if blogging is right for them or if it isn’t. Trying something is just the beginning, of success. Success is key to happiness, but if you don’t try, then you can’t be successful. So try out blogging and see where that leads you, I tried it out and as I mentioned before I love it and am going to continue to do it.

Blogging takes dedication and practice, it is limitless, you might not get to where you want to be right away. That doesn't mean you give up if you are determined to blog, figure out what you want your soul purpose your blog to be, and go from there. There are limitless amounts of ideas that can come when you are writing your blog posts you just have to let them happen. Blogging takes dedication and patience because, in order for people to notice you, you need to keep updating and sharing and editing never forget to go back and look at your blogs after they have been published you could always add more to it when things relating to a specific post come into play.Never give up if blogging is what you want to do, it will happen you just have to practice and work hard at it.

Blogging takes a lot of practice to become good at it, and even then you are always learning and practicing new things. You have to be confident in yourself and a self-motivator in order to become a blogger because if you aren't self-motivating when it comes to blogging nothing will come of it. Since with blogging, there is nobody there holding your hand and telling you what to write when to write and how much to write. That is all up to you.

Sure there are people out there to help you when you have questions but the ultimate decision is yours. How to be a blogger is you picking a topic and researching that topic in order to write good posts about it. There is a lot of research that goes into being a blogger especially when you want to have your own site where your blog is hosted up and running with you being in complete control. Blogging is limitless and there is also limitless things that you have to do in order to become a good blogger who people look for.

If you want to be a blogger who people look for always answer people's questions in blog posts and update your old content in order to keep it up to date so that people will come back and look at it. That is what you have to do to become a good blogger.

How to Blog
How to Blog

A Blogger What is That?

A blogger is a person who writes on sites like, blog spot, HubPages or they have their own blog with a WordPress site. These are people who write regular material for a blog whether it be one that they came up with themselves or one that they are doing for a company that they work for. A blog is a regularly updated website usually run by one person a group of people which means people write or edit limitlessly. So a blogger is a person who regularly updates a website that they have put together so that people can see the new content that they have to offer their readers.

How can a person become a blogger and blog limitlessly let's Discuss

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