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We the People...

Updated on April 13, 2013

First Say...

We the people in the United Space

in order to glorify a more worthless union

decry justice

obscure liberty

subsidize the guise of defense

and destroy the general welfare

do ordain and establish.....

Something is amiss

The people would not have made this decision...

The pyramid failing and hope becoming a shell of her former self.

These are not the words of freedom,

These are not the words of men refusing to be slaves,

the words of the 99 and a half,

The set upon foundation.

These are the words of the people who stand

with the future looking suddenly in doubt.

All rights reserved by Kali Koldwater
All rights reserved by Kali Koldwater

Further We Ordain...

We the people, in the land of the some-what free, in order to ensure the survival of the land we have no right to own,

Have decided and ordain -

That is abdicate all responsibility and control to the designated President of these divided states.

We ask-

That is, we ordain that all rights as they were designated in the original constitution are void - and hereby suspended indefinitely.

Until such a time arrives that we feel so oppressed as to ask someone else to seek change on our behalf.

In return of these concessions we ask and insist that all tax revenue be increased ten-fold from the weak and infirmed class and any who find it necessary to work. Doing so for as less than minimum wage as possible, or as close as can be arranged.

In conformity of this principle, we the people designate that all will stand silent with one voice, one faith, one purpose... to supply the land with fresh bodies for war, cheap labor for sustenance, and any other provision imposed in the preservation of the Land that is these divided states.

This being our resolution and

on this day affirmed.

Heretofore pledged and duly sworn in

the United Space of America...

and to the Republic

we the people
we the people

And If it Stands...

More aptly, as the republic leans. burdened by the weight of its excesses. Hubris -Infidelity -inconsistency, the plague of divine madness... We, once a nation of hope. We, once a nation of will. We, once the people whose pursuit of happiness was an inalienable right, a right which is now marred in controversies or political division; Economic Injustice; and serial ineptitude.

While the people lay dying - victim to a soaring indifference and burdened by decisions made with little or none of there consent. Eastwood said it right, "its halftime America", time we make some adjustments to make if we hope to get this thing right.

Here's hoping our freedom isn't too suppressed to do so...

One Nation Under...

Radar lock, satellite control - You may say tin-foil hat; I say how much security is it if the people are their own threat.


"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury...

With Liberty - and perhaps Aggression

And all that buy that Hope will Change

The following is an excerpt from a conversation on sleeping America...

commenter: I love it when people say some other group of people need to "wake up."

Are you under the impression that the American people are unaware of many of the issues that are going on? That's simply not the case. Between the differing points of view and deteriorating "representation" the American people really don't have that much of a voice, but we can see and hear quite well.

me: thats what sleeping is...

I further say - the sleeping giant has never had more of an opportunity to wake and stir it's voice to liberty. Again, Eastwood said it best, It's Halftime America" time for us to quit resting on hope that someone will speak to our cause; and actually say, that is


We The People Choose to Live FREE

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      TTMall 5 years ago

      Loved Your Lens! You really put a lot of good information in it.