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How To Hypnotise People Without them Knowing

Updated on August 29, 2011

Hypnotising People

Hypnosis is not that mysterious!

We all have watched movies with self hypnosis and where some creepy looking guy is waving a watch back and forwards in front of somebodies eyes and gets them into a trance.

This does not have to be what Hypnosis is all about!

In fact, anything that we do, or anytime that we influence or believe or actions, that is really a form of Hypnosis! It is probably the most powerful and free form of Hypnosis!

You don't have to be a super genius or any kind of mystical guru to hypnotise someone.

The Power Of Hypnosis:

You can use Hypnosis for good or bad.For example, you can use Hypnosis for good if you want somebody to quit smoking, or get over depression. A form of bad Hypnosis would be trying to get somebody to do bad things like stealing, or or getting people to do something against their will.

A demonstration of Conversational Hypnosis and how it Works

conversational hypnosis
conversational hypnosis

There is something called "Conversational Hypnosis in Action"

-You need to understand how to establish a rapport ( conversation). For example:"How long have you been around here? Oh, 20 years, that is a long time!"

It may sound too easy, but it is really the first step of trying to establish a report of somebody that you are trying to hypnotise or influence.

-Interrupt somebodies pattern or create confusion

For example: While somebody is doing their normal pattern, ( a policeman attempting to write a parking ticket) talk to them about an event down the road, switch over to a conversation about the weather. This will create confusion (There may not be a parking ticket after all).

-Implant your desired suggestion

(Please read on for examples)

If you learn how to do this 3 steps system very well, you could really influence somebody!

Here are 2 examples of how this 3 step system works:

1. A man goes shopping with a vallet full of blank paper. He requests a certain item at a store. The clerk will tell him how much the purchase costs. The man tells the clerk that his shop is a very fantastic place, and how long has he been established in this area? ( He is establishing a rapport )

The man tells the clerk that he was a little bit intimidated by the subway system, ( He is creating confusion ) but somebody told him that it was alright, just take it! He does this while he is handing over the blank peace of paper to the clerk as payment ( Implant your desired suggestion as paying the clerk with a blank peace of paper) Then he quickly throws in the question of :"Where did you live before here?" ( more confusion ) He thanks the clerk and leaves. This is conversational hypnosis in action! The clerk got paid with blank paper and did not even know it!

2. The man enters a jewelry store. He is asking to look at a ring. He is asking the jeweler to tell him about this ring ( He establishes a rapport ) The man says:"Great" and that he will purchase the ring. Then he asks the jeweler if there is a subway station around. He says:"Oh, just at the corner over here? Is that north or South that way? Oh, OK, I have been thinking the wrong way then ( he interrupts the jewelers pattern and creates confusion ) !" Then he repeats the same thing as he had done in the first example:" I was a little intimidated by the subway system, but somebody told me that it is just fine! Take it, take it" while handing over the blank pieces of paper ( He implants his desired suggestion ) The jeweler "takes" the blank pieces of paper, not noticing that it is no real money, until the customer is long gone.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Conversational hypnosis can be used as a series of helpful tips to greatly improve your communication skills as well as how to be persuasive in any situation. When you learn conversational hypnosis it will teach you how to be extra persuasive in any situation by manipulating people with words. How to send "psychic" messages to people without them noticing. Basically how to read someone’s mind and get a yes answer every time.

You will find that once you do learn conversational hypnosis you can even change a persons mind and opinion during a debate. And of course greatly improve your communication skills. You will be able to achieve maximum focus and concentration with conversational hypnosis providing you with even more tools for reinforcing focus.

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      TransplantedSoul 6 years ago

      ....and you will wake-up feelign refreshed in .... 3......2.....1 :)

      This is an interesting lense that provides a broader look at this topic.