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How to marry a spouse of different culture and religion

Updated on December 12, 2012

How to marry a spouse of different culture and religion

In cosmopolitan societies where people of different cultures and religion dwell together, cupid arrow can strike from any angle. If the partners involved are from different cultural background,it requires conscious efforts to keep the flag of the relationship flying. This are some of the efforts.


Multicultural marriage
Multicultural marriage

how to marry a spouse of different culture and religion

Cupid arrow can strike from any angle in a cosmopolitan society. Sometimes couples of the same culture and religious belief can't reconcile their differences .How much more those of different culture and religion. Nevertheless, if conscious efforts are made at the inception of the relationship,such differences could be a unifying factor in the marriage .This are some of the ways to make such a relationship last longer.

Cultural harmony

The culture of the partners should be harmonized in such a way that the differences becomes unnoticeable. The couple should make it a point of duty to learn and assimilate the cultures and traditions of each other .The issues of superior and inferior culture should not arise at any-point. If there is language differences ,the couple should learn each other's language including adopting a ligua franca for communication. This situation would be advantageous to the children .

Learn etiquette

Etiquette is quite different from culture. It is the little things that matter to people . This includes everything from greeting to body language.I didn't know how serious people regard etiquette in some communities, until i saw one in-law being strongly vilified for fragrantly disregarding the etiquette of his in-laws.

Know relatives

This wouldn't matter much in a mono-cultural relationship but it does in a multicultural settings. This is important so that the bond would be straightened . This is because cases has been noted where couples in such relationship were caught cheating with their so called relatives.

Visit homes

This is pertinent in a multicultural setting . The couples has to know the hole from where their better half wriggled out from .In such a way ,it would be easier to see how they live, first-hand.

Discus religion.

If both couples are matured ,this wouldn't be a problem.However, for the sake of the children, it is good to discus this issue initially. Whose religion should the children adopt since they are closer to the mother.


People of different cultures enjoy different delicacies .Therefore it would be a fux-pas if one of the couple distaste all the food of the other partner. Marriage means that food from both cultures should smell in the kitchen

If this ways are followed ,a well bonded union is obtainable.


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