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How To Become A Witch

Updated on January 13, 2008

How To Become A Witch

People often ask how to become a Witch.

It is something that like with most times, with practice you hone your skills. Especially with spell work.

However anyone can choose to call themselves a witch.

To find out how read below...

The important distinction though is to know that a true witch - and there are many forms of witchcraft. Is someone who has an open, loving heart.

And he/she works with the energies of the universe and nature to create magickal outcomes.

So the fear and misconception that witches are bad or evil is purely from fairy tales.

A witch is someone who values life and the right for each person to be all of who they are.

And they are someone who knows that life is not limited by just that which you can see.

They know and trust that some things happen that can not be seen.

As witchcraft and spell work is based purely on energy.

In fact there is a lot of physics to witchcraft.  And so as not to confuse you -it can be explained easily as what you put out you get back.

So a witch focuses on what he/she wants and feels into it as if that is their reality already and so it becomes.

And they may do this with a chant, with candles, with oils - with many different tools, depending on what feels right to them for that particular desired outcome.

As a witch you also learn about the properties of nature and the tools we have available to us and you learn what works in greatest harmony with what you desire - and by using those tools in conjunction with your spell work you enhance the power of the spell to create the result you wish. 

For more information on how to become a witch, including 3 FREE SPELLS go to:


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What Questions Do You Have About Becoming A Witch?

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    • MSBeltran1 profile image

      MSBeltran1 9 years ago

      Just wanted to say nice lens, I like your articles-- accurate info, simply put. I've been a Wiccan/Witch for almost 18 years and it's always nice to see well done sites.

    • Sensitive Fern profile image

      Sensitive Fern 10 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by my angel communication lens! You have some very well thought out lenses, and I sense you are a kindred spirit, to be sure. :)