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an algorithm of laughter applied to human existence

Updated on March 16, 2010

Think about what you read and read every line like instructions to a laugh filled life.

For the past couples of years I have been watching humans quite often. I have been trying to view them like another species different from myself. The first step, if one wishes to see what I see, is to attempt to ignore the meaning behind the spoken word that each human you watch utters. You have to attempt to ignore all that you know. Through this technique you can recognize how it feels to not be human and listen to the sounds a human creates without seeing each sound as having a purpose.

When I watch people and listen to people I cast out all prior social knowledge about how one is supposed to behave as a human. I ignore the meaning behind everything a person does. This way I can see or at least almost see what a human looks like as either an animal, that I am not, or a mass of matter that is extremely complex and precise.

The human voice box can create quite a lot of sounds. When I ignore each sounds meaning and decide only to listen to the sounds instead of hearing them as voices I realize how annoying and almost frightening the sounds humans produce are. If you do this, imagine for a second that the sounds are now in the forest, you are another animal and you hear the sound of a human but you have no idea what it is. If you do this exercise you will realize how strange humans are compared to other animals.

Now for laughs and giggles take a look at the body language. Do not look to understand or interpret the body language just watch. Think about monkeys and their movements and look at your friends and then think about the monkeys again. Combine both the first technique, involving ignoring the meaning behind words, then compare the monkey's movements with the movements of your friends; laughing is guaranteed if you do this correctly.

One of my favorite things to look at that makes me think humans are the strangest of the strange is the lack of hair covering the entire body. Everyone knows every hairless animal is hideous. Now picture a hairless monkey, and look closely at the face. You will see that a monkey without hair on his or her face looks very much human.

Another one of my favorite things to do involving human watching and not people watching is to think of humans and their egos. Human egos are too big for their brains. This makes me think of what a smart monkey would look like. So when I watch people I see them as dignified smart monkeys; which make me laugh. Most people see humans as smart dignified humans but that's no fun.

Monkeys with big brains, at least for monkeys, and huge egos that wear clothes becuase of the embarrassment of nakedness; with big egos comes both very high and low self esteem and with big brains comes a large amount of self awareness. This creates a quite strange creature and one of the funniest creatures in the animal kingdom.

Now to make yourself even happier and smile even more imagine this world instead. Every time you see anyone doing anything remember this extremely funny fact: everything a person is, is in a sack of fat called the brain. Picture the angry person next to you as body less and just a brain; an angry brain. Try picturing any human action as an action the brain wishes to perform. Now imagine that each human brain has a huge ego; a sack of fat that thinks it is the most awesome sack of fat in the world. Now imagine a brain in a killer; that brain wants to kill! for god sakes that's hilarious. The brain sends a message to the arm and face to scream and punch the other brains face in; too funny.


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    • profile image

      skwereres 7 years ago

      a quick stream of thoughts put together in five minutes, enjoy. Not one of my best essays by any means, but the ideas are interesting and make me laugh.