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I Can't Save The World From The F Word - Famine

Updated on August 12, 2012

I Can't Save The World But Maybe I Can Save One Child

I can't believe how excited I can get about Halloween and yet not be worried at all about starving people...starving Somalia. It took a video from Bono of U2 to make me realize exactly how shallow I can be. Now, I am not trying to be super hard on myself, I am not a great humanitarian, I am not even always a good person... I am just someone trying to survive each day and make the best of this life. And some days it's difficult...but I am no where near starving. I don't have to decide which child to feed because they have a better chance at survival. And it's a pretty sad day when I have to be reminded by rock stars about the sad state some parts of the world are in. And we all know it's not just happening in one place.

I love U2! When I saw Bono on that video I had to stop and watch...and I wanted to read the article under the picture. The Other Terribly Offensive F-Word is the title and I think everyone should read it. What do I expect to do with this epiphany? Not much really. I am not going to give up my weekend entertainment budget or my brand names or even my Netflix account to change the world. But I can do something that doesn't change my existence. It won't even amount to a hill of beans, except to perhaps one small child out there. I am going to give a charity that feeds children enough each month to feed one child. It may not save his or her brothers or sisters...but it will save that one life.

How About You?

30,000 Children Died In The Last 3 Months - The F Word - Famine Is The Real Obscenity

Look at this powerful video and think about what YOU can do to help. Pennies a day add up to the difference between a child eating and a child starving.

Your Pennies Can Save A Life...Pennies

The organization Bono co-founded is called and I am going to be ONE MORE. One more person who gets the message, one more person who gives enough each month to feed one small child. Maybe I won't buy my coffee from the store in the morning...I can make it at home. Imagine it that was all it took to save your life. One lousy cup of store bought coffee vs one made at home. Crazy that it can literally come down to pennies when it is an entire life we can change.

You Can Be One More Person Too.

Bono Talks About Why We Should Help

Children are dying and we can help.

A Child Dies...Watch This Powerful Video

A child dies completely unnecessarily as a result of extreme poverty every 3 seconds...

I Wish I Was A Compelling Writer

Right now, I wish I was a compelling and forceful writer. That way my words would jump off this lens and hit you smack in the face. And you would get it, that we ALL would get it. I wish I was a thesaurus full of powerful words, words that would make you think, words that made you feel something so overwhelming, words bigger than me, words bigger than you. But I am just me...I write okay, I live an average existence, I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter..and what I am is good. I am happy with it most of the time and I enjoy my life and the people I share it with. It's just when something is this important and really, this easy and this good, that's when I wish my words would reach hundreds, and thousands and millions of you out there and we could all do this ONE really good thing, And many children who will starve otherwise, will eat a meal today and tomorrow. We would make the world a much better place. And if we would each do that for one child, it would be a much better and brighter world, don't you think?

You out there, if you can write, why not make a Squidoo lens about helping to feed starving children. Is there a better cause you can think of? Let's do what we can, when we can. Here and now seem like a great place to begin. This lens may not deserve lots of attention, but the people it is about do. Here's a the world what a good and powerful wordsmith you are and write a great lens on this heart wrenching situation.

Bono And Ali Hewson

Take a look at what Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, saw in Africa.

Who Am I And Why The F Word Offends Me

Why I Want To Help

I am the Halloween Kitchen Witch. I love the holidays we celebrate here in the US and I enjoy the silliest things. I like to hand out candy to kids in costumes and I love to play spooky music from my window. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and I will be celebrating them too. My life was changed a year ago. My son became a father and I became a grandmother. MY grandson will never have a hungry day in his life if I can help it...and thank God, it will probably never even come that close that I will have to be the one to prevent it. But, in his name, I am going to support a child somewhere. And I am going to pray to God that you do too. It's such a small thing to ask

Who Do You Love?

Is there a special child out there? Is there a man or a woman you love and care about? Honor them with a donation to a children's charity. It will do more good than any gift you can buy. You can make a difference...and you are probably just like me.

Watch the video, pick a charity, adopt - in spirit - a child to support. Donate some rice...send some something. That's the important thing, you don't have to change your life...just do something. Hey...create a lens...that's what Squidoo is all about and YOU can donate some proceeds to a charity.

Save The Children

Meet someone from Save The Children.


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