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The American Dream belongs to us all!

Updated on January 12, 2016


An Update:

On Your Face Politics:

Your vote counts now more than ever!

I get it! I'm supposed to listen and read all of this regurgitated nonsense over and over, and that will make me believe it? Really?

The American Dream belongs to all of us, not to just a few.

There comes a time when no matter what you hear just makes no difference to a tired citizen’s ear. The noise of it all only serves one purpose; to stop you from hearing at the things that really matter by distracting and obfuscating the important issues at hand with anything except things as they really are!

All this organized confusion is focused on you by a very powerful elite, packed with new and expensive legal ways to own the media and congress, all this in a concerted effort to usurp the will of the American people.

We have been there before and recognize it for what it is. It is the same folks that gave us a failed crashed economy that now threatens to become the "new normal" for the future of our children, the same group that calls you and categorizes you with words that end in "ist" as in socialist, communist, terrorist, humanist and on and on. All these false flaggers, all dressed up as patriots must think that we are all idiots! But we know them for what they are and will not be fooled with their bully antics.

Those who continue to assault our good faith are mocking the common sense, goodness and decency of the American electorate, they do it at their own peril, yes they are gravelly mistaken to believe that they can get away with blatant disrespect to our collective wisdom and intelligence.

This I say! Exerting civil duty is everyone’s responsibility and right the last time I read our constitution, if you are a citizen, the right to vote is nonnegotiable, never to be denied, not today not ever in this United States of America!

To whom the shoe fits, wear it! "We the people of the United States of America will not go down without a fight", it is treason the efforts of the elite 1% to control us the 99% by damaging the economy and by trying to go back in time to rewrite history, economically and demagogically, this too has failed.

The American Dream is alive and well, the spirit of renewal and progress is like never before, and we all want to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So better to heed this advice, let democracy do its magic, don't mess with our freedom and keep your hands off our purses!



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