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The People of Strange World

Updated on March 21, 2012

The autobiography of a woman in third world countries

(Taken from the diary of a woman living in a third world country. Her pathetic writing turned me to turn her words into hubs. So here is it for you. )

While at the one end, there are talks of globalization, human rights, technological innovation, cultural diversity and global village but my world continue to go darker ever, at the other end. I have lost my hope, passion and patience to rule over the world, to contribute to the excellence of civilization and human development. In third world countries people knows me at my very name. In few developed countries I have the exception to be called “frailty thy name is woman!” I am the woman living in two worlds at the same time.

Justice has never dawned for me. Equality has never equaled me to my opposite sex. Education is alien and the very ideas of personal freedom as much, as opposite sex enjoys, as akin to death for me. Yes! I am the woman of third world countries.

As women living in developed countries enjoying every sort of ease, care and comfort you think I might be envious of your status. You have had felt pity when your dog is dying or your cat needs care and comfort but I can mourn only at the death of my diseased kids, over my aged aspirations, my hapless status and never ending mysterious miseries.

Since the dawn of civilization I have been subject of controversy. There have been constant attacks and counterattacks in my struggles to establish equality. But to me equality never exists. From dawn to dusk and birth to death I have had to endure the aimless anger of my husband, the dirty decisions of my kiths and kins and alien societal rituals and cultural concepts. To me, the equality is but a naivety. I have to endure this pain because I don’t know what the term equality ever means. The world has done little, if nothing, to alleviate my sufferings, to establish my identity and to prove me that equality exists in real.

Education, a dignified term today, is alien to me. I don’t know education because I am uneducated. I often see the big people, the rich people and people with prestigious power carrying out their children to the big established institutions but I don’t know where these smiling faces and rosy cheeks kids do beyond these tall buildings. They say this is education. But I am uneducated because I am poor; I am hapless; and perhaps I am a woman. I sigh at the very thought that my coming generation would go uneducated, uncared and unclothed.

Oh! My lord, my husband is calling me I would have to submit myself to that of his orders unless I would be beaten and banned from writing and conversing with words.

So, tomorrow is totally yours!



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    • profile image

      Nassrullah 5 years ago from Khipro

      Indeed, she has to endure her pain.

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      A travesty that she is left without education - thanks for sharing her words.