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Ignorance In America - Awareness Article by S

Updated on April 5, 2012

Ignorance In America By S.

Don't ask us to change

We are perfect just as we are

As long as we have a job

That pays lots of money

A house and a nice car

Don't ask us to look at

All the low stuff that's going down

Not just in every state in this country

But also in every town

Who cares about the crime

As long as its not happening to us

Don't be compassionate

For those who have less than us

And they have to struggle

After all it's their fault

They don't have what we have

And why care anyway

When we have Facebook

And fast food

And the souless deppressing drab prefab music

That the record companies

Get out of the meat grinder

To make them money

Those of you

Who just keep telling yourselves

You're better and it could never happen to you

You better listen

We're tired of your illusions

And how you keep looking down on us

We're tired of your corruption

How it's all been paid off and preplanned

Thats why you never get to us

You're not better, you're worse

Please don't believe the lies

That money can buy class

If you put a fur coat on a donkey

An ass is still an ass

- S.


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