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The Illusion of Freedom in the USA

Updated on August 6, 2008

American Ignorance and Greed

While many of us have worked several jobs during our life time. Saved up our money bought a home and really paid for it 2-3 times over. Retirement isn't really an option for many Americans. Social Security is really not secure now that the present administration has made the US far more in debt than ever before. It almost seems like they planed it this way. I remember the days when people would retire and actually had time to enjoy their life's. Now I see retirees that have bought in to the medical system and are paying 100s of dollars a month for medication. Their homes are payed off but taxes and expenses leave them with little money even to eat.

Truly amazing to me how many people actually believe that the government will take care of them when they get old. I have never thought that. I have seen my friends and relatives die in foreign wars since I was a child. I have seen the USA invade countries almost every year. A different excuse every-time but mostly motivated by greed and the false promise of democracy.

With the rising cost of fuel and food it is time to stop thinking of your government and start thinking of your self. Ask not what you can do for your government or what your government can do for you but what you can do to help your self. For those still caught up in the illusion that you can have freedom in the USA, and retire safely and securely its time to wake up. It is so far from the truth it isn't even funny. The USA has more prisoners in jail than any other free country in the world. The war on drugs has only filled the pockets of the police and officials who claim to have our best interests in mind. Violence in the streets is at a all time high. 814,967 people were reported missing in 2007.

Remember what the USA did to the Japanese, I believe that any country that is capable of such an atrocity will turn on its own people. As the USA is now. We have lost our freedom of speech, we are restricted in our worldly travels. Many countries do not allow Americans. We are dis-liked all over the world. I feel mostly because of our ignorance. We think that everyone should think and be like an American. How sad it really is to be so blind.

Americans are no longer respected in the world and we are becoming a 3rd world country faster everyday. Our politicians are blind to our fate. They only seek money and power. The food sources and water supply is contaminated. We only have ourselves to blame. We were a symbol of hope to the rest of the world, but now we are the tyrants. Surely a country such as this could not last very long. You will see a time in your life when the stores will have no food. The paper money is really worthless and if you cant supply your own food you will have none. Hope is in your hands not the government. Take responsibility for yourself and their may be hope for your survival. If you keep doing the same thing and thinking the same way you will probably get the same results.

American Tactics

Who will be the next Victims of the Americans?
Who will be the next Victims of the Americans?

Americans Murdering Inocent People

They will do it again
They will do it again


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