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Obama's Broken Immigration Promise

Updated on August 23, 2016
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Terence Hoerman has been an immigration attorney for 23 years in Detroit, MIchigan and Chicago, Illinois.

Obama's Failed Promise

Obama was not willing to throw his political power or spend his political capital on promises he made to the immigrant community in 2008.

In 2008 President Obama made several promises which caused him to gain the latino and other immigrant groups support. (Please see the attached videos evidencing these 2008 promises) This added support put him over the top both in 2008 and 2012. Unfortunately, by the time his second term rolled around he had spent all of his political capital on universal health care and other legislation that were not directly related to the promises he made to immigrant groups in order to gain their votes. Some say if Candidate Mitt Romney would have supported immigration reform Obama would have been a one term president.

I believe in the great man theory which stands for the proposition that certain people in history can move masses in a direction simply by the expression of their will. Obama was one of those historic figures. In fact, if he really met what he promised in 2008, many immigrants that are illegal today would be legal. Moreover, the immigrant story that is not being told today is that many illegal immigrants work and pay into the system on a fake social security number without ever having a chance for a refund of that money. No one has calculated the financial benefit that gives the United States. In turn, these illegal immigrants are taking jobs that most U.S. citizens think are beneath them or they are on several cycles of welfare and don't want to jeopardize their handouts.

I am Detroit Immigration Attorney Terence Hoerman. I have been practicing immigration law for over 23 years and I have thousands of examples of immigrant families that have more american spirit then many U.S. Citizens. Many of my clients come with very little knowledge of english and little education and their children, in one generation, become lawyers and doctors. Whose telling that story. Nobody! Fear and protectionism are the reasons why no candidate will communicate a positive message to the voters.

Video of Obama's Broken Promise

Another promise


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