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Indoor Citrus Trees

Updated on December 9, 2016

Try Growing Citrus Inside Your Home - Tasty and Rewarding!

Yes you can grow dwarf citrus trees in the comfort of your own home! They are fun, easy care, inexpensive, decorative, and fragrant. In this lens we will describe our favorite types and offer tips to successfully grow citrus indoors.

We highly recommend getting two trees, first because they are so affordable, and second because they will cross pollinate with each other. It isn't 100% necessary, but we have found we get better fruit crops with more than one tree.

Bring indoor citrus trees into your home and enjoy delicious, pesticide-free fruit at your fingertips! You can't beat the fresh, tropical fragrance of their blossoms!


Meyer Lemon Trees

The Most Popular Indoor Citrus Tree

One of the most satisfying dwarf trees to grow inside is the Indoor Lemon Tree... a small yet prolific charmer and the best-selling indoor citrus tree of all-time.

Meyer Lemon Trees are easy to grow and very low maintenance. The lemon crop is sweeter than store bought lemons and seedless too so they are terrific in recipes. Generally, the indoor Meyer lemon tree will begin bearing fruit when the tree is between 2 1/2 to 3 years old. They grow to 3 - 4 feet in height and offer a delightful light, fragrant scent.

5 Tips to Successfully Grow Citrus Indoors - Follow these and you will have healthy, happy trees!

  1. Plant your citrus tree in a 16' pot with good drainage
  2. Place the dwarf tree in a spot that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight per day
  3. Don't overwater! Let the soil on top become dry before watering (I generally water once a week)
  4. Use a fertilizer made specifically for fruit trees (should contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in balanced proportions)
  5. Keep your indoor citrus tree out of drafts and away from heat ducts

Dwarf Tangelo Tree
Dwarf Tangelo Tree

Indoor Tangelo Trees

A citrusy, tangerine taste

A cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, tangelos are a scrumptious citrus fruit. They are virtually seedless and easy to peel. Tangelos are famous for their sweet, delicious juice..

The trees can be kept small for indoor use...usually reaching 5 - 6 ft. indoors. Tangelo trees are easy to grow and low maintenance. Perfect for a sunroom corner! An attractive tree with healthy, tasty fruit for the whole family.

Indoor Tangelo Trees are becoming one of the most popular types of indoor citrus trees because they're so easy to grow and the fruit is so unique!

Indoor Citrus Tree Care Guide

The Definitive Indoor Fruit Tree Handbook

If you own an indoor fruit tree (or are thinking of bringing one into your home), you'll want to get a copy of our new e-book!

Titled "Indoor Fruit Trees: Buying And Caring For Your Own Indoor Orchard", this handy e-book is the definitive care guide for indoor fruit trees!

Some of the Benefits You'll Discover Include:

Learn about all the indoor fruit trees available for purchase, and which is best for you ...

How long after you get your tree will fruit appear, and how much fruit your tree will yield ...

How to recognize the symptoms of indoor fruit tree pests ... and how to get rid of them!

Watering, fertilizing, and care tips for your indoor tree ...

And much, much more!

This 40+ page guide to indoor fruit tree care is something every indoor gardening enthusiast should own! You can download your personal copy within seconds ...

To get your very own copy as an instant download, just click on the "Add To Cart" button:

Indoor Citrus Tree Tip

Mist your tree daily...they love humidity! Added bonus: It helps prevent pest problems.

Indoor Lime Tree
Indoor Lime Tree

Indoor Lime Trees

If you're a "Lime-aholic" like me, you'll love these compact trees!

The three most common indoor lime trees are:

1.) The Bearss Seedless Lime (Tahiti/Persian) This is the true lime that you find at the grocery store. Juicy and larger fruit.

2.) Kieffer Lime ('Makrut', Thai Lime) A bumpy looking lime used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian cooking. The zest is frequently used in curries.

3.) Mexican Lime (Key Lime) Small, sometime seedy fruit with genuine tropical flavor known for use in key lime pies.

Indoor lime trees are easy care, yield a lot of fruit, and grow to between 2 - 3 feet. Perfect for all of your lime recipes, or simply enjoy a wedge in your favorite beverage!

Click Here To Buy Your Very Own Indoor Lime Tree For Less Than $20!


Indoor Orange Trees

Grows full sized fruit!

The Dwarf Orange tree makes a wonderful tropical house tree with its glossy green leaves and heavenly, fragrant blossoms. Give your home a touch of Florida sunshine all year round! These trees are fun and easy to grow.

Like most citrus trees, they need a humid environment to thrive and should be misted several days a week. The Indoor Orange Tree will typically yield full size oranges within 12 months. The tree itself is very compact (grows to 3-4 ft) and is quite easy to care for.

We've owned one of these trees for about five years now. One of the best things about it, besides the fresh oranges, is the fragrance. When guests enter our home they comment on the wonderful smell...a natural air freshener indeed.

For more information on the various trees you can grow indoors, please visit - Indoor Citrus Trees. You can also download your very own copy of the new ebook, "Indoor Citrus Trees: Buying and Caring For Your Own Indoor Orchard". It's the definitive resource for indoor fruit tree care!

Indoor Citrus Tree Tip

Too much fruit to eat? Squeeze the juice into icecube trays and freeze. Great addition to flavor water, iced tea, cola, and gin & tonics!

During the warmer months...bring your citrus trees outside!

During the warmer months...bring your citrus trees outside!
During the warmer months...bring your citrus trees outside!

Have You Grown an Indoor Citrus Tree? Do you want to after reading this? - Please Sign Our Guestbook...Thanks for visiting!

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    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I never thought about growing one indoors. It sounds like a great idea!


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