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Insulated tote bags - for when you need to bring home the bacon

Updated on April 3, 2013

Insulated tote bags - the safe way to transport groceries

Ok, I'll admit it - I buy an insulated grocery tote about every time I go to the grocery store as I always seem to forget them at the house or they're always in the other car. But, I'm about to change my ways. Why, you ask? Because I just bought four of these insulated grocery bags. That's two for each car which should do me.

I shop at Costco or other wholesale grocery stores a lot and stock up on both frozen items and fresh meats and vegetables. The only way to transport these items is in a good sturdy insulated tote bag. My purchases make it home in the same shape that they left the store which is always a good thing. Note: lettuce seems to be the one thing that doesn't transport so well, even in an insulated grocery bag. I've started adding a frozen ice pack to the grocery tote to help keep it cooler.

Note: no animals were harmed in the taking of the photo. That's wee Gizmo, my littlest adopted dog hitching a ride.

Enough chatter - the below insulated grocery totes are among the best I've been able to find. These reusable grocery totes are constructed well and should last for years. I've even been known to use one of my insulated totes as an impromptu ice cooler for parties!">

Insulated tote bags on

The below insulated grocery totes, especially the kerribags are among the best on the market. I prefer a bag that holds its shape when being loaded and these grocery bags do exactly that. These insulated tote bags would be a great Christmas stocking stuffer also.

Kerribag Insulated Reusable Grocery Shopping tote bag in Blue with tree print
Kerribag Insulated Reusable Grocery Shopping tote bag in Blue with tree print

6 reviewers on gave these reusable insulated grocery shopping totes 5 stars, the best review possible. I like that there are magnets in the top to keep the top open while you load or unpack this insulated tote.

Yummy Stuff Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag by Kerribag
Yummy Stuff Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag by Kerribag

Another wonderful insulated tote bag from kerribag. Bag stands upright on its own, like the one above. Makes it easy to pack and unpack. Reviewers on love this reusable grocery tote also.

4Rplanetbag **5-PACK** Penguin Large Reusable Insulated Grocery Tote. Zipper improved!
4Rplanetbag **5-PACK** Penguin Large Reusable Insulated Grocery Tote. Zipper improved!

Lighter weight than the kerribags, these large reusable insulated grocery totes come in a pack of 5 so you'll have extras to share. These would be fine for light toting but, if you have a long way to go, this lighter duty bag may not be the bag you need.

Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Can Freezer Tote
Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Can Freezer Tote

I'm not sure I could carry 45 cans but reviewers love this freezer tote bag also. One reviewer said that frozen items stay frozen 5 hours!


Picnic time insulated totes

Picnic Time is a very reputable company for the manufacture of insulated tote bags. I like that these insulated totes have pockets so they can be used as a nice beach tote bag too - just put your sunscreen in the pocket, some ice and sodas (or beer!) in the tote and you're good for a day in the fun and sun.

Picnic Time Tahoe Extra Large Insulated Cooler ToteCHECK PRICE

Picnic Time Topanga Insulated Cooler ToteCHECK PRICE

Picnic Time Insulated Tote BagCHECK PRICE

If you're into DIY - Make your own insulated tote bag

Ok, I'll admit it; I cannot sew to save my life so I'm OUT on this one. But, for all you do-it-yourselfers out there, here's a nice video on youtube about sawing your very own insulated tote bag.

Thermos brand insulated tote bags

Thermos brand has long been a leader in keeping hot items hot and cold items cold, and their insulated grocery totes are no different. These bags all received high ratings on The 9 can insulated tote would be perfect for a quick run to pick up dinner fixins' at the grocery store.

I have two of these bags, one lives in the trunk of each of my cars. These Thermos insulated tote bags have a heavier feel to me than some of the other bags.

Thermos 18 can insulated tote bagCHECK PRICE

Thermos smaller 12 can insulated tote bagCHECK PRICE

Sacs of Life insulated tote grocery bags

Sacs of Life bags come as a set of three (count 'em - THREE) grocery totes - 1 insulated tote, and 2 regular grocery sacks. The insulated tote has an elastic band so it folds down for easy storage; the other two bags fold into their own compact carrying cases.

Sacs of life - 3 bags!CHECK PRICE

Sacs of life - another set of 3 reusable grocery bagsCHECK PRICE

Insulated cooler bag backpacks

I think these insulated cooler bag doubling as backpacks would be a great way to carry home your purchases from a farmer's market. Just put in a few ice packs to keep the items cool.

Insulated tote bags on

It's worth checking eBay for decent deals on insulated tote bags as they're sometimes cheaper than other places on the internet.

Please let me know you dropped by my Insulated tote bags for when you need to bring home the bacon article. I love to hear from my readers!

Comments welcomed and needed!

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      We have 5 of these and keep them folded up in our vehicle ready to use. Never know how much cold stuff we'll get at Sam's Club or Costco. We put non-refrigerated food in them too and bottles of wine, since they are so sturdy and padded.

    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Cool video on how to make your own. Will be using that!

    • GramaBarb profile image

      GramaBarb 4 years ago from Vancouver

      Great tips! Didn't realize the selection was so large in this niche.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 5 years ago from San Francisco

      I've taken a little lunch box with reusable ice pack in my grocery-shopping kit n very hot days, but I like the idea of using a large insulated grocery bag. Keen ideas. I especially like the pretty Thermos brand bags. Thank you for a nicely done lens.

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      I love the way you make everything a story. These bags are great to have in the trunk to put restaurant leftovers in until you get home.

    • SassyGie profile image

      SassyGie 5 years ago

      These are nice - keeps food (or groceries) hot or cold!