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Is Child Behavior Worsening?

Updated on December 31, 2014

Children’s behavior-a Sinking Ship?

Children today have the tendency of being more aggressive compared to 10-20 years ago. Back then, children held morality in higher regard. As society progresses, family systems change and technology advances, child behavior is taking a negative trend.

The Role of the Media in the Life of the Child

The media is rife with news on excessive drug abuse and violence among the children. At early ages such as 15, the young ones are already sexually active. This has led to an upsurge of illegal abortions that have also resulted in some unfortunate deaths.

The Dark Side of Technology

Advancement in technology over the years also falls under blame. Violent actions children witness in TV and video games moulds their character thus the increased rate of violence amongst the minors.

Parents Ruining Their Kids

Yes, even the parents are to blame. Parent laxity is not the only cause of this but it stands out. Compared to the past practices, parents have negated on the importance of the family being the source of primary socialization. The child learns and observes from the family. Poor parental practices are a cause for declining child behavior.

Parental practice is the specific behavior a parent uses in raising a child. Some fail to be firm in their disciplinary measures while others all together fail to punish their children with the fear of upsetting them. Hence, occurrences such as rudely talking back to persons in authority are more common now than they ever were.

Moreover, the increased rate of divorces has resulted in children developing in broken families with others living apart from either of their parents. The consequence of lack of this core balance in their life is watering down of their morals and increased violent tendencies.

The Undisciplined Child

Discipline amongst them is also on the decline. Lack of respect for authority and the elderly is nearing a norm for the minors. Not only are some of the children arrogant but others also lack consideration and act in total disregard of persons older than them. There are those who feel that they are in control of both their parents and teachers.

The Impact of Society on Children

There is a disparity between child behavior ten years ago and now. That is a fact. This has an array of reasons. However, the blame should be lay more on the society than on the children themselves. Children pick up the traits they witness around them. Hence, with the changing society and values through the time, child behavior has also changed.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      After listening to my teacher wife the last few years, I think you're right. Behavior is worse. Technology and other forms of media are a part of it. But the kids also appear to get sick more often (maybe more cautious parents).

      Some parents "school shop" which breaks the continuity that is so important to a child. I can't imagine going to 3 or 4 schools before the age of 14. But that's what is going on regularly now.

      One other factor might be smaller families. If parents have just one or two kids, the value (and associated stress of raising them) goes up. So they can focus more on every aspect of the kid's life. Smothering has become a pastime of a lot of parents. Voted up.