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Is The Art of Good Gestures Alive?

Updated on July 30, 2014

AKA ~ Random Acts of Kindness...

Life is fast, non stop for most, always on the go, no time to think of the little things. You think to yourself... "someone else will do it, I just don't have time."

There are even days you have quick fleeting thoughts of... "oh so and so's birthdays coming up and I really should do something for them, only to have the day fly by and you didn't fulfill that one small thought.

Maybe you're out and about and you see someone struggling to get something in their car, maybe dropped something, saw something fall out of their pocket or purse and you didn't think twice to stop and help.

I pray our humanity isn't dying in "The Art of Good Gestures, aka Random Act of Kindness?"

We're so embedded with fear or the 'what's in it for me?' mentality that I believe, see, and feel we've almost given up our compassionate side in simply lending a hand in a tiny gesture of being helpful, being kind or perhaps showing courtesy in opening a door wider for someone because either they are heading in or out behind you as you're already going through the same door.

For many of us older folks, we should know better and realize if we don't start returning back to those good habits, we performed in our not so long ago past, where we learned, saw and executed the same "Art of Tiny Gestures" by our own elders it maybe lost forever. We've been recipients of the "feel good feeling" and know the emotional reactions we get when others would show us a tiny gestures in someway. It used to be second nature to all of us...

We've seen and have opening doors for others, pulled a chair out for a guest. Walking along and saying a simple hello to the person you just passed by on a sidewalk or simply sending a thank you note to someone because they had you over for a meal or BBQ.

What has caused us to be so weary, leery fearing over everything and everyone? It's truly sad to think the "Art of Tiny Gestures" may completely die out because today's youth have no examples to learn by because they are not seeing them physically done in front of them to know they too have the green light to follow our examples in "The Art of Tiny Gestures."

Ways to weave Random Acts of Kindness... - Into your daily life with these helpful links...

Kindness in Action
Kindness in Action

Most people can only believe if they see...

Well if seeing is believing?

Then here's Good Gestures (Act of Kindness) caught on film.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

— Mother Teresa

Glad you stopped by! - Blessings always to each of you!

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