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Is War With Iran Closer Than We Think

Updated on December 23, 2011
political Handyman
political Handyman

Is Covert war underway now?

With the downing of the top secret American RQ170 Sentinel spy drone, the dots are being put together that a secret war with Iran may be already in progress. The government has already admitted that the drone lost touch with it's controller and landed about one hundred forty miles inside the Iranian border. They confirmed that the images that Iranian government has issued seem to confirm their worst fears that the unit was captured intact, which gives scientist the capability of reverse engineering some American best technology.

Reported incidents over the past year and a half are showing evidence that a covert war against Iran's nuclear ambitions has been going on under the radar. The American main stream press, ABC, NBC and CBS hasn't reported the incidents as related, but FOX news has finally put a time line to whats happened.

In June 2010, the Stuxnet worm creates a cyber attack and destroys one thousand centrifuges.

A dozen explosions take place at nuclear scientist homes.

In November 2010, a car bomb wounds the Atomic Energy Organization head.

November 12, 2011 an explosion at a secret missile base kills the head of the long range missile program and seventeen others.

November 30, 2011 A blast at an uranium enrichment plant in Isfahan take out a row of buildings. Its believed that the plant was unharmed and that this the site of a secret underground facility. Satellite images confirm the strike and the buildings being destroyed.

The covert operations have been a continuing theme under Obama and has seemed to have been sanctioned by this administration. Now with the capture of the RQ170 drone, the administration reportedly refused to send any covert operations to destroy the unit, claiming “it could be considered an act of war.” If that is the stance of the Obama administration, will the previous claims of covert operations be as well considered acts of war by the Iranian government?

How long will it be until the Obama administration use this as an election ploy? I wrote a fictional story about six months ago about the Obama election plan, it more and more seems like premonition other than a work of fiction. The mid-east is just a part of the equation, the disrespect that Obama has shown the Israeli prime minister and the financial mess of the European union.

What's next? Are you scared yet?


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    • profile image

      jerry 5 years ago

      Being re-elected is what this is all about. I wouldn't put Obama, and that other muslim, past the point of being together on this. Pray a lot and ask yourself a question---"Am I better off in any way now?" I did and my answer is a definate NO!