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200 Children Still Working on the Streets Batam

Updated on February 8, 2015
Newspaper deliveryman children in Batam
Newspaper deliveryman children in Batam | Source

BATAM - Head of Social Service (Kadinsos) Batam King Kamarulzaman expressed concern following a number of children under age who work on the streets.

Recorded until this moment there are 200 children every day speculate. He said they were 'employed' by a few companies delivering newspapers.

He said he has written a press company concerned to curb delivering newspapers in the field, not to exploit children under the age of working as a newspaper vendor.

"We have sent a letter and do appeal to the owner of the newspaper, but until now the children are still selling newspapers on the streets," he regrets to AMOK Group, Saturday (02/07/2015).

According to King, almost all the major newspapers published in Batam using children under the age to sell newspapers on the street.

"Almost all the newspapers use the kids," he said.

According to him, the owner of the newspaper argued that the existence of these children part of their sense of responsibility. "The reason it is a matter of delivering them. But until now there is no effort from the deliveryman to ensure order, "he explained.

However, Dinsos Batam still seeks to provide guidance to children selling newspapers, among which include the parents. "Coaching still we do for the children," he concluded.

Previously reported in the press there are a few companies that still do Batam exploitation of children for the sake of profit for the press company.

Not difficult to find children in Batam are exploited by the press company. One of them was a young girl named Dea (11) Batam selling newspaper published in the area of Batu Aji.

He claimed to be paid Rp 150 thousand per month by one of the press in Batam by working from six o'clock until one o'clock in the morning.



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