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“Social Equality between Men and Women”

Updated on October 24, 2012

Social equality is the fair distribution of resources and opportunities regardless of sex. The debate about social equality between men and women has been ongoing for decades, and still, a solution has not been achieved. The notion of a woman being portrayed as inferior has been there since time immemorial. However, the culture is slowly dying out due to the social mobility that has been conducted by scholars and interest groups. The discrimination exists in many parts of the world especially the developing countries (Brocas, Cailloux, and Virginie 108). The essay encompasses on Social Equality between Men and Women.

Gender discrimination, a culturally engineered behavior, is the denial of equal opportunities on the basis of sex. It is spread all over the world but the most affected are the third world countries. Nowadays, in a country like India (Mumbai), women are considered as objects that can be manipulated to fit the desires of the superior (men). For instance, ultrasonography, which is used to detect the complications of the fetus, is misused to determine the sex of the baby. If the baby is found to be female, it is aborted thus becoming a case of female foeticide. The birth of a girl child was and is still considered a misfortune (Nubile 17). Gender discrimination is also profound in the employment arena, whereby employers prefer hiring men. They believe that that the woman’s responsibilities and commitment will be obstructed by their families, hence rendering them incompetent. Some jobs are classified “masculine” such as mining, fire fighting and driving heavy machineries. This is another obstacle to women’s self development (Tong 46). This type of discrimination has made women feel neglected and left out in Nation building.

On the other hand, women are not the only victims of gender discrimination. Men are also suffering the same. The law is known to be kind to men, but there are other cases where women will always outwit them, for instance, jobs like babysitting, nursery school staffing and handling child centered careers have always been well thought-out as a woman’s affair. Gender discrimination affects both men and women, but it’s more prevalent in women than in men. This is because the society favors men more than women in the fields of money, prestige and power (Tong 47).

It is now clear that social inequality between men and women exists up to date, but it inclines its weight more on women than on men. This is as a result of the beliefs originating from the evolution and culture of man. The biological differences between both sexes bring up expectations that no one should abscond. For example, a woman is known to give birth to children; hence she is expected to care for the offspring’s immediate needs, thereby adding more burdens to her (Stuart 81).

A woman plays the role of a mother, worker and housekeeper, thereby reducing the role of a man in the household. This means that a woman is always overworked, hence “a beast of burden”. This is not different in the developed countries where a woman has more duties to perform on a daily basis than a man. A woman will prepare breakfast, prepare children to go to school, iron clothes and attend to her husband without failure (Stuart 81).

In the long run social inequality between men and women strengthens. This is a trend that is common in the laws (constitution) of a country, where a woman is still marginalized.

There is need to devise ways to curb the problem of social inequality that exist between men and women. Men and women should be involved equally in the political decision making processes. The constitution is a tool for rule, but still, political development of a country determines the way a country is ruled. For instance, in 1997, the council of Europe conducted a seminar encouraging women to fully participate in politics. This was a strong move for revolution that played a big part in the overall recognition of women in Europe which has since been welcomed unanimously. In this way, women are well represented. They exercise their political rights and promote the strength of a woman in a country’s social, political and economical development (Sineau 31).

Another way to enhance equality between men and women is by using the families to model children to adopt cultural attitudes that will benefit both sexes. To instill social equality, children should be taught how to deal with social issues through emulating only the strong role models of positive social change. In this way, the future generations will have a suppressed view of women being inferior .

In conclusion, social equality between men and women can be achieved through revising the rule of law and advocating for social, political and economic mobility.


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    • profile image

      natasha 2 years ago

      It a nice article but the proper referencing

      agree more

    • profile image

      saba 4 years ago

      article is good but proper referencing is not given

    • profile image

      saba 4 years ago

      article is good but proper referencing is not given

    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      A society that discards half its talent pool based on what is or what is not between an individuals legs is a society that is doomed to eat the dust of one that does not. Couldn't agree more.


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