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Japan Tsunami Relief Efforts ~ Sponsored by Activated Ministries' Car Donation Program~

Updated on September 4, 2012

Are You Looking For A Way to Help Charities Make a Difference? Donate Cars to Charity!

Given the opportunity, most of us would probably love to volunteer more of our time to participate in charitable endeavors and activities. However, even if your time and resources are limited, you can support charities, such as Activated Ministries. You can donate cars to charity. What may be junk to you, can be used by car donation charities to support local and international missionary works and projects. Read on for a real life account of how car donations helped Activated Ministries sponsor relief efforts to Japanese tsunami victims. This is only one of hundreds of life-changing projects made possible through the generosity of donors, like yourself. Thank you for your giving.

Car Donation Fundraiser For Tsunami Victims.

By Activated Ministries

Immediately following the large earthquake and tsunami which hit northern Japan in March, 2011, Activated Ministries held a special three day fundraiser. Proceeds from every car donation received from March 11th through 14th, 2011 were allocated to relief work and efforts benefiting tsunami refugees and victims. Thanks to the generosity of the general public, these funds have made it possible to sponsor efforts such as the one featured here -- Project Phoenix.a grass roots volunteer group made up of veteran missionaries and volunteers.

Project Phoenix and Activated Ministries Collaborate
Project Phoenix and Activated Ministries Collaborate

Charity In Action!

Project Phoenix Volunteers and Activated Ministries Collaborate in Relief Efforts To Refugees at Nine Japanese Tsunami Evacuation Centers

In the wake of the tsunami which hit Japan in March, 2011, and the ensuing nuclear scare, Project Phoenix, a volunteer group, has made it their mission to journey to the hardest hit provinces. Sponsored by Activated Ministries and local sponsors, Project Phoenix made two trips to the region, the first in April and the second in June, 2011. Their aim was to provide refugees and their children with a combination of humanitarian aid, special programs and activities for the refugee children, and encouragement and support for those struggling to rebuild their lives after the disaster.

Filling The Need! - April, 2011 - Project Phoenix's April 2011 Visit to Evacuation Centers in Tochigi and Fukushima Prefectures

Car Donations Provide Aid To Tsunami Victims!
Car Donations Provide Aid To Tsunami Victims!

In April 2011, Project Phoenix made plans to visit six evacuation centers in some of the hardest hit areas of Tochigi and Fukushima Prefecture. In an effort to ease some of the physical discomforts of those living in temporary shelters, Project Phoenix asked the shelters to have refugees make lists of special items they could use which were not being supplied by government aid. Activated Ministries and other sponsors then provided funding to purchase these special requests which included boxes of insect repellent, tissue paper, undergarments, socks, summer clothes, diapers, toys, children's supplies and even cat food for one surviving cat being cared for at one of the centers.

Making Children Smile - Lightening Up the Mood WIth Music and Games

clowning around with tsunami refugee children
clowning around with tsunami refugee children

Clowns from “Let’s Party Tokyo” and the Band Aid Band volunteered their time and skills to help lighten the mood by distributing balloons to all the children and by performing musical shows and a comedy magic performance. Performances and shows were held in each evacuation center and The Band Aid band soon had everyone, young and old, singing along to their favorite folk songs and tunes.

Boxes of aid sponsored by Activated Ministries' Car Donation Program
Boxes of aid sponsored by Activated Ministries' Car Donation Program

Second Time Around - June, 2011

Visit to Three Major Tsunami Evacuation Centers

Project Phoenix' second trip took place in June, 2011. Activated Ministries and local sponsors have again donated truckloads of aid, special supplies, inspirational booklets for the refugees and toys for the children. Local businesses have contributed the vehicles and transportation. This time Project Phoenix has three large evacuation centers lined up to visit over the course of 3 days, in the Matsushima area, the Satohama Evacuation Center, Ooshio Shimin Center, and Ono Shimin Center.

The Journey - Washed Out Roads and Wastelands

fields of debris surround evacuation centers
fields of debris surround evacuation centers

Traveling in this area continues to be difficult. Visitors travel along temporary roads where water stretches out on both sides. The landscape is dotted with debris, capsized fishing boats sticking out of the mud and upended concrete buildings still laying where they were the giant waves left them. Volunteers described being overwhelmed at all the work that still remains to be done to clear debris, rebuild and restore this region.

crowded conditions
crowded conditions

Difficult Conditions, Positive Attitudes

Waiting for life to return to normal

Phoenix volunteers remarked at how friendly, helpful and upbeat the refugees are, despite the fact that many are still learning cope with the loss of loved ones, homes, businesses and livelihoods. Three months after the disaster, facilities are still very crowded. Many refugees have now been in shelters for months and some have had to move to several different shelters during that time. Makeshift cardboard beds keep evacuees off of the cold floor, all of whom have had to get used to living in crowded, noisy quarters which has the elderly living right next to babies and small children.

Lending A Helping Hand - Uplifting spirits and imparting hope

Car Donation sponsored booklets
Car Donation sponsored booklets

After distributing the supplies and the aid, Project Phoenix volunteers performed clown shows and kids programs in each of the evacuation centers, giving all the children balloons, toys and picture books sponsored by Activated Ministries. Activated Ministries also sponsored the printing of inspirational booklets made especially for the refugees, which were distributed by the volunteers.

After the shows, Phoenix volunteers spent time listening to and encouraging the many refugees who, in spite of the losing everything, are determined to rebuild their lives the best they can by staying positive, helping each other and working day after day to clear their towns and villages.Teary eyed refugees thanked the volunteers for taking the time to come visit them in their time of need and bringing them what they could in the way of supplies, encouragement, entertainment and a little bit of “home” and family.

VIDEO - Activated Ministries Sponsors Japan Tsunami Relief

Check out this video featuring Activated Ministries' sponsorship of Project Phoenix in their Tsunami Relief Efforts.

Activated MInistries' Booklets - Inspirational Gift Books

Have you, or someone you are close to, recently been through a difficult or trying experience and need some encouragement to hang in there? Here are some booklets with short inspirational messages reminding us that there is Someone Up There looking out for us Who works all things together for good in our lives if we give Him a chance.

Helpful Links

Whether you are looking to donate your car or find ways to help charities in the work they do, here are some links to help you on your way:

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