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John Kasich's Political Views

Updated on March 7, 2016

Brief Biography of Governor Kasich

A graduate of Ohio State University, Kasich began his political career by winning election to the Ohio State Senate in 1978, then made his presence known on the national stage by winning election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1983. Kasich served for 18 years and was chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee from 1995-2001, when he left the House to work for a succession of private corporations, including Lehman Brothers, where Kasich was employed as a Managing Director from 2001 until the company declared bankruptcy in 2008. Kasich returned to politics fin 2010, successfully winning the Ohio governorship, and was re-elected in a landslide in 2014. Kasich is now one of many candidates running for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, competing against the likes of , Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and trying to build off of a strong second place finish in the New Hampshire Primary in February 2016.

Kasich on the Issues

1. Budget Deficits and Taxes: Kasich has campaigned on his record as Governor of the State of Ohio, pronouncing that he "took Ohio from an 8 billion a $2 billion surplus" while on stage at the First Republican Presidential debate in August, 2015. Kasich also expressed his strong opposition to any increases in taxes for the purposes of helping balance the federal budget deficit, as he explained while appearing on "Face the Nation" in August, 2015: "So the idea that we're going to start talking about raising taxes, no, no, no, you need to reform and shrink government. That's what you need to do and create economic growth, which is exactly what we have done in Ohio. I have had the largest amount of tax cuts of any sitting governor in this country and we have gone from $8 billion in the hole to $2 billion in the black, the growth of 350,000 jobs, stronger credit. So, why would I change the formula? It doesn't make any sense."

2. Health Care: As Governor, Kasich chose to take federal money provided under the Affordable Care Act (also known as "Obamacare") to help expand access to Medicaid in the state. Despite this decision, Kasich has stated repeatedly that he does not support Obamacare generally. As he explained in 2015, "First of all, I don't support Obamacare; I want to repeal it...But I did expand Medicaid because I was able to bring Ohio money back home to treat the mentally ill, the drug addicted and help the working poor get health care." Kasich's decision to accept some money from Obamacare while supporting its repeal has been criticized by many other GOP politicians, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who stated "I don't think anybody should expand Ohio and across the country" during the First Presidential Debate in August 2015.

3. Global Warming and Environmental issues: Kasich has expressed mixed views on climate change, acknowledging that it might be affected by man-made activities but asserting that some of the science behind global warming is unproven. As he explained to Meet the Press in 2015: "I think that man absolutely affects the environment, but as to whether, what the impact is… the overall impact — I think that’s a legitimate debate. We don’t want to destroy people’s jobs, based on some theory that is not proven."

4. Foreign Policy: Kasich foreign policy views are generally in line with the mainstream of the Republican Party. He has called for the possibility of deploying U.S. troops in the Middle East to fight ISIS, telling reporters in the summer of 2015: "I said months ago we need to be part of a coalition to have boots on the ground if that's what it takes for us...we need to go and stop ISIS and destroy them now." Kasich has also criticized the deal that President Obama reached with Iran, telling reporters "They're not only going to get a nuclear weapon, but now they're going to have all this cash to support the Hamases and the Hezbollahs. It's a very bad agreement."

5. Gay Rights: Kasich is opposed to gay marriage, but has called for respecting the recent Supreme Court Decision legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. As he explained in the summer of 2015: "I believe in traditional marriage, but the Supreme Court has ruled, it’s the law of the land, and we’ll abide by it." Kasich further elaborated on his position during the first Presidential Debate in August 2015, stating "I just went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. Because somebody doesn't think the way I do, doesn't mean that I can't care about them or can't love them."

6. Immigration Policy: Unlike many of the other GOP presidential candidates, Kasich has expressed support for some sort of immigration reform that will help pave the way for the 12 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. to resolve their status. As he explained to FoxNews in July 2015: "First of all, finish the fence, use modern technologies, drones, the sensors and all these things. Then have a guest worker program so people can come in, work and then leave. Our program is too narrow now. The 12 million that are here, I think we ought to find out who they are. Obviously, they're going to have to pay a penalty for having jumped the fence. But at the same time, you know, if they've committed crimes, they got to be deported, put in jail. If anybody's been sneaking in recently, they should be sent back. And we need to look at our whole immigration system. But we got to fix this. ... Just get it fixed. And you know what Reagan did? Reagan did amnesty."


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    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 17 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      I did not know much about this candidate before reading this hub so thank you for educating me on the subject. He sounds like he has a good political platform but just does not have a strong enough name right now like a Trump Bush and Rubio.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 2 years ago from Ohio, USA

      The "managing director" position at Lehman will be huge leverage if Kasich wins the nomination. Dems will paint him as an Evil Participant in the 2007 recession.

    • lyoness913 profile image

      Wendi Pembridge Skilling 2 years ago from Overland Park, KS

      Interesting Candidate that I didn't know anything about! Sounds like someone I would like to get to know better. I like your political articles and intend to read them all!