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Why men have to stand up

Updated on August 15, 2011

It is clear that most people are afraid to stand and fight for their right. It can also be that they do not know what their rights are and that it can be fought for when violated.

The spirit to stand and fight maybe inherent but a setting can also influnce how we think, reason and see things. For Instance people in most developing countries, human rights are violated daily and the citizens take it as a normal way of life so they no longer think it is their right to have certain things and that they can stand and fight for it even when they know that which is done against them is wrong.

Another issue is that they expect someone to come and stand and fight for their right when they are afraid to stand and fight for justice.

But who will stand and fight where many people, if not all, are afraid to stand up and fight for justice?

This kind of situation occurs because nobody is willing to take the first step in the worthy struggle and fight for justice, liberty, equity among others. Someone said, "There are places you don’t talk of human right or fight for your right." The main point is that in such places people are afraid of death, punishment, or poverty which is a battle that must be fought and won within before the courage to stand and fight for any worthy cause can be developed. Poverty is mentioned here because some people see it as a disease and they think that the only cure, in those countries where corruption is the order of the day and many people think it is no longer possible to make a living by being honest, sincere, and hardworking, is to join the corrupt party.

Those afraid to stand and fight for justice should know that the freedom and equity enjoyed in many places today were fought and won by men.

These are men they today call great men because they stood and fought when many were afraid to stand even when they alone was standing.

They took the path many people were afraid to take because the saw something good at the end of the path. They finally left their various marks in the stage of human history. In this list you can find men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela among others.

We can live and pass on unnoticed and unknown on the stage of human dream or we can join the actors because they were and are still men like us. However, it is far better for us to pass unknown than for us to claim to fight for justice, religion, or any other cause by killing innocent people just as some group of people have brought fear and unrest in this world because they claim to fight for religion or for God or what.

What is the essence of life if we cannot live for something good and stand for?

The best we can do for humnanity is to live in such a way that next generation can say, " truly men lived here on earth"

You can stand and walk like a real man or you can continue to walk on your knees. The option is yours and only you can decide to live and stand for something good or to live and be afraid to stand and speak.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very well said David. I totally agree with you. Men and women need to stand up for what is good and right especially during these difficult times.