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Today, justice prevail!

Updated on May 5, 2011

Today, justice prevail!

I remember that was September eleven

All people are busy to start a new mornin'

Some take time to walk while others to work

Some sipping their coffee elsewhere nearby

Talking and laughing at early time

Not knowing that it was, the last breathe they will have

Hijacked planes came crashing down

To twin towers, pentagon and Pennsylvania ground

People ran to and fro and didn't know what to do

Fire rising up and slabs crumbling down

Smoke and dust billowing like thick, dark clouds

Everyone is looking if they know someone weeping

Terrorists don't have a heart

They don't feel when people's hurt

They feel honor when they kill just to follow their will

Massive death they don't care

Selfishness and cruelness they do swear

Their own life is meaningless, in other's life they could care less

But everything has its own time

Today you live but tomorrow you die

Just like the justice that you always wish

The terrorists' leader was put to death

Where he needs to pay all his debts

All the lives he took, now rest in the book

American soldiers who didn't stop 'til they find

The terrorists who need to pay the whole price

Didn't mind to die and risk their own lives

Friends, relatives and love ones who mourn

Now can look and smile at new morn

As they remember the past, Alas! justice came at last!


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