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Updated on December 26, 2012


Greetings, please allow me to share with you a recent Geography 101 assignment that I submitted at American Military University. The parameters of the assignment presented by our professor, was as follows:

1. Search for an online news article about the realms for this week that illustrates one of the geographic concepts from the week. Alternately, recall a personal experience you have had in the region (as a service member, worker, or tourist). Alternately, you may use a personal photo taken in the Realm.

a) Summarize the news article, or summarize the personal experience, or post the photo.

b) Define the concept you feel your item illustrates.

c) Briefly explain how your item illustrates the concept.

My decision for choosing Religious Revivalism & Jihad as the subject matter of my post are for the same reasons I enrolled into AMU as a INTEL-Terrorism Studies major. I quite simply cannot comprehend a human being and or group of human beings who attempt to justify the murder of innocent non-combatants as an act of “holy war” mandated by Almighty God.

Therefore where there is any opportunity to delve into analyzing the actions, motives, and mindset of Islamic Jihadist, I feel compelled to explore these individuals. My belief is it is the duty of all Americans and members of Western Civilization to band together in support of our military and intelligence community in eradicating terrorism in all its forms from the face of the Earth.

That being stated, we discover the Islamic Religious Revivalism being forged in Persia as “the imams in Shi’ite Iran sought to reverse the shah’s moves toward liberalization and secularization” (1) Thus in the 1970s modern day Iran began the process of re-submerging itself into the “dark ages” while replacing “the shah in 1979; Islamic rules and punishments were instituted. Urban women, many of whom had been considerably liberated and educated during the shah’s regime, were forced to return to more traditional roles. Vestiges of Westernization, encouraged by the shah, disappeared.”(2) In my personal opinion as Iran goes so goes the Islamic world within the region, which has led to throughout the past forty plus years the birth of the militant Islamic Jihadist movement which subsequently spawned infamous terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood among other lessor known terrorist factions that also exist throughout the world.

To reiterate, yes I do see Islamic Revivalism that leads to the persecution of Christians, the constant threat to the safety and well-being of Israel, the ruthless murder of innocent civilians throughout all the realms as an affront to Almighty God; and yes I take acts of terrorism personally. However none more personal that the al Qaeda led terrorist attacks on our homeland September 11, 2001; then to add insult to injury the ever-growing Islamic Jihadist movement perpetrated the reprehensible act of attacking our consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012.

The aforementioned acts of violence led to the murder of “four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, who were killed Tuesday as gunmen set fire to and fought security forces at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.” (3)

In closing, I make no apologies for my alarmist nature regarding Religious Revivalism & Jihad; it is easy to be lulled to sleep thinking that our nation is safe and 911 will never happen again and the attack on our consulate was in faraway Libya; however the facts dictate that less than three months ago Islamic Jihadist murdered an American Ambassador, members of his staff and annihilated American property without hesitation and or fear of repercussions; and that in my opinion is unacceptable.

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(3) CNN's Jason Hanna, September 12th, 2012, Six things to know about attack that killed Ambassador Stevens,


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