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Kirk Cameron

Updated on October 25, 2008

Who Is Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is best known as "Mike Seaver" on the hit 80's series Growing Pains. He has been married for 17 years to Chelsea Noble and has 6 children.

From atheist turned Christian, Kirk has become an excellent role model to teens and adults.

Yes, I will admit, I had a crush on Kirk Cameron when I was a teen.

Every year, I would look at the new fall TV shows in the TV Guide. I would study it and see which shows I would think I would like. I remember seeing Kirk's picture in the list of shows.

I guess I read about the show, but I didn't really care because when I saw him, that was it. I knew I was going to add Growing Pains to my list of shows to watch.

I watched it and loved it! Growing Pains was my favorite show. I also covered my walls with his posters from Teen Beat, 16, Bop! etc. Everyone knew I was "in love" with Kirk.

As I grew older, my crush turned into an admiration or appreciation for Kirk. I was glad to hear he became a Christian as I am also a Christian.

I have since followed his movies and work with The Way of the Master. Even though my crush has ended, I respect him as a person and actor and appreciate his work for the Lord.

One of my goals was to meet Kirk. I was able to obtain that goal by going to the Creation Festival in 2001. He was there sharing his testimony. My Mom, Sister and I waited in line for his autograph.

I think we waited for about an hour and got to the top of the hill where he was at. They had to stop the line as I guess he needed to leave. They stopped it right after me so I was able to get in. I couldn't believe it, I made it in, but remember feeling bad for the people behind me.

Once I got up to him, I kept thinking, "I can't believe I am going to meet him". I remember asking him if he was going to do another Left Behind movie, which he answered, "Yes" and has since done them.

I took many pictures and was glad I accomplished my goal of meeting him. He was very nice and just as I expected him to be.

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Kirk's Background

Kirk grew up in San Fernando Valley where his parents still live today. His parents are Robert and Barbara. He has 3 sisters, Bridgette, Melissa and Candace.

He was introduced into acting by his Mother, who was friends with Adam Rich's (from Eight Is Enough) Mother. They went to Adam's agent, Iris Burton and she liked Kirk.

Kirk went on audition after audition, but his Mom and him started getting the "hang" of it and knew how they worked. He did several commercials and TV shows, until he landed the part of "Mike Seaver" on Growing Pains.

Kirk's TV Family

Kirk's Growing Pains family was Alan Thicke, who played his Dad, "Jason Seaver" and Joanna Kerns, who played his Mom, "Maggie Seaver". Alan and Joanna actually resemble Kirk's real life Mom and Dad.

Tracey Gold played his sister, "Carol Seaver" and Jeremy Miller played his brother, "Ben Seaver". Later, they had a sister named "Chrissy", played by Ashley Johnson.

Kirk's Growing Pains Family

Kirk's Growing Pains Family
Kirk's Growing Pains Family

Kirk's Ministry Family

Kirk joined Ray Comfort and the two of them have started an evangelism ministry called "The Way of the Master". Teaching the principles of Jesus. What Jesus did effectively and how he reached the unsaved.

Through this ministry, they equip Christians on how to go out on the streets and witness to people. Asking questions like "Are You A Good Person?"

Visit their website today at: The Way Of The

Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort

Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort
Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort

Watch The Way of the Master vs Rational Response Debate

The Way of the Master Books on Amazon

See Kirk's New Movie

Fireproof opened in theaters September 26, 2008. This action packed movie is from the creators of Facing the Giants and Flywheel. It is a must see!

I recently saw this movie. It is wonderful. Visit my other squidoo page on Fireproof.

Watch the Trailer For Fireproof

Still Growing By Kirk Cameron

Kirk recently wrote his autobiography titled "Still Growing". I am almost finished reading it and it is a great book for any fan or admirer of Kirk.

It starts out with his fear of telling his producers he doesn't want to do a certain scene because of his new faith. Then he goes back to his childhood and his acting career. Right now, I reading about his wife and kids.

It is a great book and one you will enjoy!

Kirk's Book on Amazon - Still Growing

Watch Kirk Cameron On YouTube

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Still Growing: An Autobiography
Still Growing: An Autobiography

Kirk Cameron is best known for his role as loveable teenage troublemaker Mike Seaver on the award-winning TV series Growing Pains, but his rise to fame and fortune is only part of his incredible story. In this intimate autobiography, Kirk opens up about his early years, his rocket to stardom, his life-changing encounter with Jesus and the hard choices he s made along the way to live in the Way of the Master. Fans will get an up-close and personal look at what drives the former teen-magazine heartthrob and find out how God and family became the secrets behind his celebrated smile. In his own words, Kirk shares how he s still growing even through the triumphs and temptations of his Hollywood career.

The Way Of The Master
The Way Of The Master

The Way of the Master gives light to an almost forgotten biblical key that has the power to unlock the door of the human heart. This is the proven and effective way of making the gospel make sense to the unsaved. It is so rooted in the Scriptures, once you see it, you will forever wonder how you could have missed it. It is the biblical principle of bypassing the intellect (the place of argument) and speaking directly to the conscience (the place of the knowledge of right and wrong) â the way Jesus did. Itâs anecdotal, loaded with commentary and remarks that are more conversational than academic. Itâs an easy read with a hard message that has already changed the face of sharing faith.

The School of Biblical Evangelism
The School of Biblical Evangelism

In this comprehensive study course, you will learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and bibically ... the way Jesus did. Discover the God-given evangelistic tools that will enable you to confidently talk about the Savior. With 101 lessons, this course will help you to prove the authenticity of the Bible, provide ample evidence for creation, refute the claims of evolution, understand the beliefs of those in cults and other religions, and know how to reach both friends and strangers with the Gospel.

The Way of the Master for Kids: Teaching Kids How to Share Their Faith
The Way of the Master for Kids: Teaching Kids How to Share Their Faith

Based on the award winning show, The Way of the Masters, this book consits of two parts. The first written for 3-to-5 year olds, the second written for 6-to-10 year olds to explain the truth of the Bible.

The Way of the Master Basic Training Course: Study Guide
The Way of the Master Basic Training Course: Study Guide

Designed for use with The Way of the Master Basic Training Course, this comprehensive Study Guide includes discussion questions, inclass activities, and weekly homework assignments to gradually coax you, stepbystep, out of your comfort zone to reach family, friends, and strangers for Christ.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I just loved Kirk the movie turned out great. It was a good job. Who couldn't say how long its been since Growing Pains ? Its real.

    • profile image

      Tracy-Russell 8 years ago

      Great Lens! I really loved fireproof and admire Kirk Myself. I'm going to check out all the links you have here.